Baby Triceratops Cookies

I have a whole bin full of dinosaur cookie cutters but not one that I absolutely love.  So, when it came time to make triceratops cookies, I had to get a little creative.How to Decorate Triceratops Cookies

Baby Dinosaur CookieI’ve never used this cutter for comets or shooting stars, but I LOVE it as a triceratops.

This cutter is included in the Wilton 101 Cookie Cutter Set, but if you don’t already own it, you can pick one up here.

Triceratops Cookie CutterTo make these cookies you will need:

For uniform cookies, use a food color marker to sketch the face before flooding.  It should resemble an upside-down acorn.

Baby Triceratops CookieNext, use 20-second icing to flood the cookie in sections as pictured below.  Begin with the face, then use lighter yellow to flood the frill and body.  If you’re using sugar pearls as eyes, add them now.

Standing Triceratops CookieOnce the cookie is flooded, wait until it’s completely dry then add the following details:

  1. Use a small tip and pipe lines to indicate a snout, nostrils, and a mouth.
  2. Use white piping icing to pipe three horns on the triceratops’s face.
  3. Add eyes
  4. Pipe legs and toenails

Triceratops CookieWhile we’re on the subject, I decided to throw in a picture of this guy.  When I first began my cookie decorating adventure, this cutter frustrated me to no end.  So, here’s a simply decorated example for reference sake.

Triceratops Cookie IdeaOut of all the dinosaur cookies I’ve ever made, these two guys are probably my favorite.

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