Decorated Latte Cookies

Decorated Latte Cookie

With a polar blast that just won't let, up you may need something to keep you warm and occupied through the cold days ahead.  These simple latte cookies are the perfect project for a cold winter day! I  used two different cutters to make these favor-sized latte cookies...Wilton's Comfort Grip Frankenstein and skull, which can be purchased here and here. If you prefer smaller cookies, there are several cutters {like this one} that w0uld make … [Read more...]

Cookie Deli Platter for Superbowl Sunday

Deli Tray Cookie Platter

You know you have reached the brink of cookie insanity when you cookie a commercial you see on TV.  Thank goodness for DVR, right?  With a quick press of the pause button and the click of a camera phone, this cookie idea came to life. Each cookie in this collection was made with widely avaliable cutters.  A letter "C" from the Wilton ABC & 123 cookie cutter set, small scalloped and regular rounds, a small square, and half-moon … [Read more...]

Perfectly Stenciled Cookies Every Single Time

Perfect Cookie Stenciling 8

Do you have cookie friends?  If not, you should. I have a cookie friend who's kind of a genius.  You've heard the old saying two heads are better than one?  Well Kim is kind of like two heads.  Add mine to the mix and we come up with things like this. One night while our husbands were doing the things they do {football and X-box} we were having one of our cookie "text talks".  The topic?  Stenciling. Kim had an idea that magnets might be … [Read more...]

Simplifying Complicated Cookie Designs {Guest Post}


Guess what?  We've got a visitor today.  Don't you just love company? I hope by now that you've met Jill Wettstein, of Jill's Funky Cookie Studio, but even if you haven't you're in for a treat! There are about a million reasons to be excited about today's visitor.  Not only is she amazingly talented and sweet, her dedication to the Go Bo! Foundation is truly inspiring. I could go on and on, but instead I'll let you read. We’ve all … [Read more...]

Accenting Cookies with Airbrushing {Guest Post}

Sugarbliss Nautical Cookie Collection 2

I love the look of airbrushed cookies, unfortunately I don't quite have the knack.  Lucky for all of us there are sweet decorators like Laurie and Jeanette of SugarBliss Cookies that are willing to share their expertise.  Today they'll show us how to create beautiful cookies with simple airbrushed accents.Hello!  We are so excited about this opportunity to create a little guest post for Sugarbelle!  Our names are Laurie & Jeanette.  We are … [Read more...]

Custom Alphabet Cookies

Custom Letter L Cookie

Maybe it's just me, but I've always dreamed of having my own little family of cookie elves.  They'd spend their days singing happy little cookie tunes while washing dirty icing bowls and making custom cutters to suit my every need.  A girl can dream, but until they show up creative thinking and hand cutting are the best solutions for me. I usually prefer re-purposing to hand cutting cookies but sometimes it's the easiest and most inexpensive … [Read more...]

Simple Star Trek Cookies

Starfleet Insignia Cookie 1

Confession time.  As much as  love Star Trek I am not a true "Trekkie".  That title actually belongs to my brother.  By the time he was in the fourth grade he faithfully read his Star Trek encyclopedia, spoke a bit of Klingon, and played with various USS Enterprise models that he lovingly glued together piece by piece.  Thanks to a family rule that we take turns picking movies {I come from a time where people usually only had one TV and VCR} over … [Read more...]

Accenting Decorated Cookies with Stencils {Guest Post}


According to the Urban Dictionary a squee is, "a noise primarily made by an over-excited fangirl, however it has spread rapidly and is now widely spread among the web community." Up until last Thursday I'm pretty sure I have never EVER "squee-d", but my friend Hillary, AKA The Cookie Countess changed all that.  I'm now a "squee-er". What, you ask, could possibly make me squee? As of now, guest posts like this. Guess that makes me a rabid … [Read more...]

Simple Delft Blue Easter Egg Cookies

Simple Delft Blue Easter Egg Cookies

I have always wanted to make Delft blue Easter eggs, but somehow, every year I've run out of time.  This year, I have the time, but somewhere along the way I decided that tons of intricate piping was not my thing {might've been the burlap bunnies}.  Anyway, I decided that the world might be a better place if I came up with a lazy human way to make  Delft eggs.  I'm passing it on to you, so you can be lazy too, and I won't feel as bad about … [Read more...]

Easy Autumn Leaves Cookies

Autumn Leaves Platter

There are lots of good things about living in West Texas, but I have one big gripe.  We got totally gyped on the autumn thing. 100% cheated! Until I was seventeen, the only way I knew that autumn happened was that football season came.  It wasn't until I moved to Virginia that I learned the truth. There IS such a thing as colored leaves. We just don't have them here.  I am not talking about the yellow and brown scrubby things that blow down my … [Read more...]