Superman Cookies

Superman Cookies SweetSugarBelle

Are you looking for a cookie idea for the super dad in your life?  Then these are perfect for you!  Technically I made these a couple of weeks ago for my super graduate, but I thought they'd work for Father's Day too. Since I unofficially crowned June no Kopykake month I'm going to show you how to make these perfect Superman cookies without a projector. Begin by printing out two Superman logos in the size you'd like your cookie to be.  … [Read more...]

Simple Star Trek Cookies

Starfleet Insignia Cookie 1

Confession time.  As much as  love Star Trek I am not a true "Trekkie".  That title actually belongs to my brother.  By the time he was in the fourth grade he faithfully read his Star Trek encyclopedia, spoke a bit of Klingon, and played with various USS Enterprise models that he lovingly glued together piece by piece.  Thanks to a family rule that we take turns picking movies {I come from a time where people usually only had one TV and VCR} over … [Read more...]

Popcorn Cookies

Popcorn Cookies_Sweetsugarbelle 6

I vote that all movie nights from here on out should include real AND cookie popcorn.  Who's with me?  Afterall, you've got to have something sweet to balance out all that salt and butter, right? To make popcorn cookies I used this cupcake cutter from Karen's Cookies and trimmed just a bit off of each side. If you don't have this particular cupcake you could use another version or my favorite ice cream cutter. To make these … [Read more...]

The Lorax Cookies

Lorax Cookies

Once upon a time I used to love going to the movies, but that was a few kids ago.  Something about fifteen bathroom trips kind of ruins the whole experience. These days we're stay-at-home movie people.  This weekend it's The Lorax.  Besides saving me boatloads on snacks and concessions, home movie night gives me the opportunity to add a few treats of my own.  Bet you already guessed it's cookies. Lorax cookies are definitely not a new … [Read more...]

Guest Post on Bakingdom


Today I will be hanging out over at my friend Darla's blog, Bakingdom, where I will be showing you how to turn my favorite pointy eared dude into a cookie! You'll need this little template before you go, so print him out and head on over!  Keep in mind that you can adjust the template to the size that you prefer. For tips on using a paper template to cut cookies, click HERE. For a quick and easy way to make cookie cutters with … [Read more...]

Making Itty Bitty Award’s Night Cookies {Tutorial}

Oscar Cookies

I love making itty bitties.  Everything is cuter in mini.  Believe it or not, it's  actually much easier to make minis than a full size cookie.  I can decorate them quickly and they leave me a little more room for error. Making these is an all day project but not an all day job, if that makes sense.  All it takes is a little planning and patience . When I make minis, I decorate in 10 to 20 minute spurts and let each step dry between … [Read more...]