Royal Icing Sunflowers

Royal Icing Sunflowers_Sweetsugarbelle

There is a chill in the air, and I've been bitten by the urge to make autumn themed cookies.  Royal icing sunflowers have been on my to-do list for a very long time.  Not only are they fun to make, they're handy to have around and a great way to use leftover icing. To make sunflower transfers you will need: My free printable sunflower template Wax paper Painter's tape Stiff yellow royal icing Dark brown piping icing Stiff green … [Read more...]

Simple Royal Icing Roses

Simple Royal Icing Roses 1

I kind of have an obsession with royal icing roses.  I mean, this is the sixth time I've dedicated a blog post to them.  I guess I just like pretty little details.  At this point we've talked about squiggle roses, ribbon roses {twice}, mini-Wilton style icing roses, and swirl roses.  These simple roses are pretty much the same thing as squiggle roses, but a little more clean and sophisticated. To make simple royal icing roses you will … [Read more...]

Leaf-Tip Royal Icing Bows

Nerdy Apple Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle 8

Over the years I've turned from an obsessive compulsive cookie decorator into a "make it work" kind of gal.  Once upon a time I might have mixed two or three consistencies of icing to create the perfect detail. These days, I've adopted a much more relaxed decorating style.  Leaf tip royal icing bows are one of my favorite ways to add a little pizazz with minimal effort on my part. To make royal icing bows with a leaf tip you will … [Read more...]

Simple Royal Icing Holly Decorations

Holly Oreos

Okay.  Back to the royal icing accents.  Maybe I do have a problem but admitting it's half the battle, right?  Today it's holly. Royal icing holly accents are super simple to make.  You will need: Medium stiff green piping icing Red piping icing Some sort of leaf tip I used a #66 for this demo, but anything from a #65s to a #70 or a #349 and #352 {these produce more bubbly leaves} will work. Here's an idea of what size … [Read more...]

Royal Icing Poinsettias

Royal Icing Poinsettias

The other day a friend of mine {who will remain anonymous} pointed out that I am on a royal icing accent kick.  Say what? But now that I think about it, maybe she's right.  I've done roses, roses, and MORE roses.  Carrots {which are very handy for snowman cookies}, flower middles, violets, owls, pumpkins and maybe a few others that have slipped my mind.  So what's another one or two, right? Anyhow, today it's poinsettias. Sometimes I … [Read more...]

Pumpkin Royal Icing Accents

Royal Icing Pumpkins

Royal icing pumpkins are widely available this time of year in stores and online, but they're inexpensive and easy to make yourself. All you need is: Stiff orange royal icing {my recipe is HERE} Stiff green royal icing Any type of star tip {I used a #18} A #2 tip Prepare cookie sheets by taping waxed paper to them with painters tape.  Start by forming the body of the pumpkin.  The tip should be at about a 45 degree angle to … [Read more...]

Royal Icing Owls

Royal Icing Owls obsession of late.  Combine them with my long term love of  royal icing accents and you have these little cuties. In a perfect world, there would be a video to go with these photos, but apparently I'm a better cookie decorator than cinematographer.  I'll  redo it ASAP, in the meantime here's what I've got. To make these you will need: Round icing tip, #3-12, depending on the size accent you's like to make, I used a … [Read more...]

Simple Swirl Roses

Easy Royal Icing Swirl Roses

Are you in the "never figured out ribbon roses" crowd?  No worries.  I have something even easier.  And when I say easy, I mean easy.  My sister-in law, who's experience with a piping bag is pretty much limited to picking it up and squirting it into her mouth, can do this! To make these you need: #13 star tip {14-16 will work also) stiff royal icing boo boo stick or toothpick wax or parchment paper taped to a cookie sheet #65 … [Read more...]

Roses? For Me? {How-to Make Ribbon Roses}

Royal Icing Ribbon Roses

Prepare for a little flashback.  I've talked about ribbon roses before, but I love them so much, I felt like they deserved a second round.  So, here we go again. I've had a thing for ribbon roses since the first time I laid eyes on THESE GORGEOUS COOKIES from Ali-Bee's Bake Shop. I could go into a whole long winded story, but the short version is, Ali led me to Loren, who'd recorded THIS VIDEO on making ribbon roses and soon after came HERE … [Read more...]

Royal Icing Accents {Carrots}

Royal Icing Accents Carrot

When I make snowman cookies, it NEVER fails that I mix up way too much orange icing.  I'd be willing to bet I'm not the only one.  Here's the perfect way to keep it from going to waste. Shops like Fancy Flours , ShopBakersNook, and Country Kitchen Sweet Art sell pre-made icing carrots, but if you have  leftover orange icing, why not save a bit of money and make your own? Begin by taping a piece of wax or parchment paper to a cookie sheet.  … [Read more...]