Chocolate Christmas Cookies

A few weeks ago my good friend Holly sent me a little surprise in the mail. Well, actually, it wasn’t a surprise. She told me she had come up with the most AWESOME chocolate cookie recipe ever, so naturally, I had to verify. However, I offered my services with strict orders to ONLY send a few. I don’t often eat my own cookies, but friends like Holly seem to stick to you in all the wrong places, SOOOOOOO, sure enough, as promised, they are, THE BEST CHOCOLATE cookies EVER!!! I received three flavors. Chocolate mint, chocolate raspberry, and chocolate orange. All were great, but the one I expected to like the least, chocolate mint, absolutely blew my mind. Suddenly three was NOT enough, so, in the midst of complaining about my weight, I requested more. After a bit of bargaining, we decided that I could have another shipment, but only after I lost ten pounds. Seemed simple enough, but after a week of walking and watching those calories, I only lost a whopping four pounds! Boooooooo!

So, to help myself along, I did the logical thing, I cheated. I made my own.

Have you ever heard the old saying, “Cheaters never win?” Well, mark it true. Good, yes. Holly’s cookies? Definitely not. Moral of the story, cookies are always better if someone else makes them for you! The good news is, anyone can get Holly’s chocolate fudge brownie cutouts. Just visit her website, Pipeline Confections, and order away! PLEASE order away! If I can’t get rid of my ten pounds, I’ll just shoot to add ten pounds to everyone else, so I’ll blend right in =)

Day 15