Minnie’s Button Jar and some Zebra {Day 14}

This time of year always reminds me of my Nanny. Nanny has been gone for almost two years now, but I still think of her every day. She was one of my favorite people in the world, and I was always her baby. I spent every spare moment at Nanny’s house. It was my safe place. It was always warm, inviting, and she definitely let my brothers and I have free reign of the house. We played away many days of our childhood at her house.

Most of the time I played in her make-up and with her shiny clothes and costume jewelry. Nan had notoriously gaudy taste, which made her a hero in the eyes of a ten year old. However, one special day, I discovered another treasure. One of my favorite memories is the day I found Nanny’s button jar in the sewing room. I had big plans for it, but the button jar was one of the few items she didn’t want me playing with alone. It had belonged to her mother, Minnie, and was very special to her. So, that day, we sat at her table and sorted through Minnie’s buttons. Some had stories, some she didn’t quite remember, but I remember that day like yesterday. I am not sure where the jar got off to, but for many years she had a picture hanging in her house called Minnie’s Garden. It was made of ribbon flowers and buttons, and I would like to think that is where most of Nanny’s Buttons ended up.

My Nanny was anything but typical. She smoked, she drank, and she didn’t spend a whole lot of time baking. When she did, she tended to goof. Her best fruitcake ever was a boo boo that she could never remember again! She also taught me about every single bad word I know. But, I wouldn’t change her or my experiences for the world. Nanny taught me how to keep going even when I didn’t think I could. She showed me how to smile even when things got tough. Even now when I hurt, I can feel her presence and her comfort. Nothing bothered her more than when my heart hurt, and she would do everything in her power to make it better, even if all she could do was be there. That meant the world to me.

So, in memory of my Nanny, I made these cookies. She didn’t live to see me learn this, but I know she would be proud. I love you Nanny, and I miss you every day!

Day 14



This is just a quick little platter I made for a friend as a party gift for her little girl.