It’s Turkey Time!

You can feel it in the air! It’s turkey time, and those of you who make cookies are probably surrounded by them! I know I am! All of this began with me agreeing to make cookies for Evan’s class. I was supposed to make turkeys, but he requested pilgrims and Indians also.
The problem with turkey cookies is that I don’t really like my turkey cutter. You all know this guy.

Yes, he makes a convincing turkey, but he is a little hard to figure out. Besides that, the cookies were for my son’s first grade class so I wanted something a little cuter.

Usually when I have a particular shape in mind, I hand-cut, however, there was no time for that yesterday. So, I went through my cutters to see if I would find another shape that would work. To my surprise, I found several of them!


Just for fun, and the sake of experimentation, I decided to try them all!

Each one was as cute as could be, and all different, just like snowflakes. Speaking of snowflakes…yes, SNOWFLAKES!

One thing led to another, and I ended up with tiny turkeys, tinier turkeys, and turkey toppers. Did I mention that I am OBSESSED with cookies?


I could have gone further, and as I eyed my sunflower cutter, I really wanted to. However, I was short on time.

I’m still not quite sure how a platter of pilgrims, Indians and turkeys turned into too many turkeys, but I know someone will eat them =) I am finally in the Thanksgiving mood, and I have TONS of cookies to make!


Since I made so many cookies yesterday, I decided the my daily cookies would have to come from the bunch. I picked my favorites, but I couldn’t choose between the final two, so I picked them both!

Day 16