Decorated Candy Cookies and Free Kopykake Template

Sweetsugarbelle Candy Cookies

As a life long Willy Wonka fan, candy cookies have always been one of my favorite things.  However, candy cookies often involve swirls which is one of my least favorite things. As a perfectionist, I often get hung up on things like spacing and lines, so make things a little easier I'm sharing a free printable template.  If you have a Kopykake, simply print and pop into your projector.  If not, re-size the image to fit your cookie and cut into … [Read more...]

North Pole Cookie Pops

North Pole Cookie Pop

I used to be a little afraid cookie pops, but the moment I spotted peppermint striped sticks at World Market, I was inspired.  I knew I'd have to face my fear and turn them into North Pole cookie pops. For this project I chose a simple square and my crayon cutter from Karen's Cookies, but you can use whatever you like.  Also, if you can't find peppermint stripe sticks, plain ones will work too...we'll talk about that more later. Before … [Read more...]

Uncle Sam Cookie Pops

Uncle Caleb

Unless you've had your head in the sand, you're probably well aware that it's an election year.  While it's usually my policy to stay out of political discussions, I'm always looking for a reason to make cookies. Technically, Uncle Sam doesn't have a mustache but sometimes I exercise a little creative license with my cookie designs.  I made these by combining my favorite Wilton ice cream cutter and a mustache from this set.  If you're big … [Read more...]

Witchy Leg Cookie Pops

Witch Leg Cookie Pops 2

Here's a fun little idea that  borrowed from the 2012 Wilton Yearbook. Since this isn't really a new or original idea, I'm going to keep the details to a minimum.  Basically I baked witch boot cookies and decorated them.  If you're in the market for a witch boot cutter, try this one.  It's my fave. Once the cookies are decorated and dry, use royal icing to "glue" a pretty paper straw to the cookie.  That's pretty much the only … [Read more...]

Tips for Perfect Cookie Pops with The Bearfoot Baker


Today I'm pretty excited because one of my bloggy {and real life} best buddies is here visiting.  I adore everything about Lisa, her positive attitude, Southern roots, giving spirit, and most of all, her common sense.  As a girl that can complicate the simplest of tasks, it's always good to have a friend like Lisa. I generally try to avoid cookie pops for a variety of reasons, but every once in a while, I have to make them. One of my biggest … [Read more...]

My Sweet Little Vampires


When I first began working on these, I meant for them to be vampire teeth only but my strange sense of humor combined with a little boredom   and VH1, well, as usual, I ended up with a little different cookies than I had in mind when I started.  I definitely got more than a few laughs over these, and they were pretty simple to make.  I started with this cute little vampire fang cutter from Wilton, but I ended up piecing together some others … [Read more...]

Watermelon Sugar Cookie Truffles {Guest Post Cookies and Cups}


Okay, I'm finally on vacation...has anyone besides me noticed that the week before vacation seems like an eternity, only to have the actual vacation go by in the blink of an eye? Anyways, that's neither here nor there. What I'm really excited about it this guest post. Although I would have loved to spend my vacation making and photographing cookies, my mean ol' husband decided Sea World was a better option, so thankfully, a few of my … [Read more...]

Lollypops on a Stick Cookies {Guest Post}

Pretty Lollypop

 A few days ago, I ran across these cookies on Flickr, and was so impressed that I shared them on my Facebook page.  Instantly, there were requests for a tutorial.  So, I went straight to the source! Luckily, Carolyn was more than happy to share and immediately prepared this amazing tutorial!  I've seen similar cookies before, but I have always been a little intimidated by them.  But after reading this, I feel like I can do it. I also … [Read more...]

Stained Glass Independence Day Cookies on Glorious Treats


In case you are wondering what's up with the boring titles, there's a reason.  I figured I should tell you even if you weren't wondering.  Organization.  That dirty twelve letter word.  It's not my strong suit.  Ask my husband.  95% of all of our disagreements come from my complete and utter lack of organization.  It's hard living with someone always full of ideas.  Lots of ideas often means that they are also full of big messes. But, he's … [Read more...]