Uncle Sam Cookie Pops

Unless you’ve had your head in the sand, you’re probably well aware that it’s an election year.  While it’s usually my policy to stay out of political discussions, I’m always looking for a reason to make cookies.How to make Uncle Sam cookie pops for the fourth of July!

Technically, Uncle Sam doesn’t have a mustache, but sometimes I exercise a little creative license with my cookie designs.  I made these by combining my favorite Wilton ice cream cutter and a mustache from this set.  If you’re big on reproductions, skip the mustache and trim the ice cream.  If you don’t have these cutters, a onesie cutter would also work well, but you may have to do a little trimming.

If you’ve hung around my blog awhile, you already know that I kind of have a weird method for creating cookie pops.  I use royal icing to glue on sticks after baking/decorating so I can still bake the maximum number of cookies per sheet, which is kind of hard to do with traditional cookie pops.  I also like that the shape does not get distorted when inserting a stick into raw dough.

To do it my way use, a round tip to pipe a bit of stiff icing onto the back of the cookie, add a stick, and let dry.

If you’re down with the old way, do that.  Cookies are kind of like politics, everyone gets a vote.

If you want to get really fancy, you can cover your sticks with straws too.  If you need a little help with that, you can read all about it here.

Anywho, the decorating part is pretty simple.  Cover the base of the cookie with twenty-second icing, leaving space for a mouth if you like.

After the base is dry, add the details.  I find it’s easiest to work in sections.

Let the cookies dry overnight, then draft the cutest kids on the block to model them for you.

PS-Did you know that girly Uncle Sam {Samantha} wears sequin hats?

I was shooting for a group shot but it worked out about like it always does.

But regardless everyone was happy in the end.

These would be perfect for election day parties, Fourth of July, or even Presidents Day {think Abe Lincoln beards}.  Oh, and because there’s always a loser when it comes to these things…you might want to make a few silly disguise masks, so they can slink away anonymously.

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