Dinosaur Foot Cookies

Once a year I try to make cookies for my dinosaur-obsessed little boy.  I love the challenge of coming up with ideas that are the perfect combination of sweet and scary.  These dinosaur feet cookies capture the best of both worlds.How to Make Dinosaur Feet Cookies

Dinosaur Track CookiesTo make dinosaur feet cookies, use a heart cutter to trim a flip flop as pictured below.

Dinosaur Footprint Cookie CutterTo decorate these cookies you will need:

  • Light green piping and flood icing
  • Dark green piping icing {optional}
  • Yellow piping icing
  • Reptile skin stencil

Begin by outlining and flooding the cookie, leaving a bit of space for claws.  Let the cookie dry for several hours.

Dinosaur Foot CookiesWhen the icing is completely dry, prepare the stencil.  I used an updated version of the magnet trick to keep everything in place.

I recently discovered that I am more comfortable securing one corner of the stencil with magnets while using my finger and a leftover cookie to hold everything taut.  This make removal much easier.

Reptile Skin StencilWhen the stencil is in place, pipe small amounts of green icing {both shades} over the openings.  Use a spatula to spread the icing over the surface of the cookie in a smooth, even layer.  Next, carefully lift the stencil up and away from the cookie.

If you need more help stenciling with royal icing, click here.

Reptile Cookie StencilNext, use a cookie scraper to carefully clean up the edges of the cookie.  Don’t worry about perfection.  In this case, I think the rough edges look more realistic.

Dino CookiesIf you look closely you can see the subtle shading created by using two colors of icing rather than one.

Finish up by using a #5 tip to add claws.

Dinosaur Claw CookieI was going for a textured look, but if you’re not up for royal icing these would look great airbrushed.

If you don’t have a flip flop cutter, an egg works too.  Don’t be afraid to change up the design to suit your needs.

Dinosaur Track Cookie CutterAny way you crack it, these cookies are sure to please the dinosaur lover in your life.

Dinosaur Footprint CookiesFor more dinosaur cookie inspiration, check out the following links:

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  1. 11
    georgette says:

    I am going to make these for my grandson birthday party thanks he eat an sleep dinos this is the best

  2. 12
    Suzanne says:

    I love these! You are such a good mom. So fun! Your kids must have loved watching you make these. I have two birthdays next week and again may not have time for cookies. We are staying in an old farmhouse — part of me is tempted to see what I can create in the middle of NO WHERE!

    • 12.1
      Sweet Sugar Belle says:

      I had tons of input from Caleb, LOL. He actually drew up examples so I wouldn’t mess up {that’s a quote} and decorated an allosaurus, because it’s one of the most important species {another quote} and I left it out. That kid!

  3. 13
    zahra says:

    Akh!! These are adorable!!!

  4. 14
    Tara says:

    These are great! Where do you get all of your stencils?

    • 14.1
      Sweetsugarbelle says:

      I get most of them from The Cookie Countess. There’s a link to her shop at the bottom of the post.

  5. 15

    Too cute & brilliant!

  6. 16

    You are so incredibly imaginative and creative. I just finished up a whole set of dinosaur cookies and then saw these and just giggled in delight. They are so absolutely fun! Thanks for sharing Callye!

  7. 17
    Eva says:

    Would you mind sharing what colors you mixed to get those fabulous greens? I’m a big fan! Thank you!


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