Bowing Ballerina Cookies

Would you believe me if I told you there’s a dancing rat to thank for these cookies?  True story.

I’ve dreamed of bowing ballerinas since Christmas time, but I couldn’t quite get it right…until I met Angelina Ballerina.

Technically she’s mouse, but that wasn’t immediately apparent to me.  To make a long boring story short, Angelina led me to Google which in turn led to these.

Bowing Ballerina Cookies CloseThere are many cutters that will work for bowing ballerina cookies.  A flower or sun makes a great tutu while a mini-skull, snowman, ladybug, ring or ornament can serve as a head.

If you don’t have these particular cutters I encourage you to be creative and work with what you have on hand.

Ballerina Cookie Cutter

To make these cookies you will need:

Begin by outlining and flooding the “tutus”.

Double Layer Ballerina Cookies 3Next, follow the steps below to create tiny ballerina faces.

Double Layer Ballerina Cookies 4Use tiny tip to add eyes and rosettes.  For a tutorial on swirl roses click here.

Bowing Ballerina CookiesMake sure both cookies are completely dry before moving on.  When it’s time to attach the cookies use fleshtone 20-second icing to add arms plus an extra dot of icing to secure the head.

Double Layer Ballerina Cookies 6When the head in in place use a #1.5 tip to pipe ruffles.

Bowing Ballerina Cookies 2Make sure the cookies are completely dry.

Ballerina Close-UpBowing ballerinas look great with ballerina face cookies.  I pieced mine but a ring or skull cutter would work well.

Ballerina Cookie CollectionFor more helpful cookie tips check out these fun posts:

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  1. 41
    KiKi says:

    These are awesome! How long did you usually wait before adding second layer? (In this case the arms)

  2. 42
    sandranvillanueva says:

    Hola son muy lindas las galletita es posible aprender yo hacerlas y donde comoraria los cortadores gracias y

  3. 43

    These are literally some of the cutest cookies I have ever seen. The monogram, rosettes, darling ballerina heads… it’s all just so adorable!! Thank you for the inspiration to re-purpose my cookie cutters :)

  4. 44

    Felicitaciones, Dios bendiga sus manos, su trabajo y su vida, las cosas que hacen son tan valiosas que se han convertido en mi inspiración, saludos desde Bogotá-Colombia


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