Simple Royal Icing Holly Decorations

Okay.  Back to the royal icing accents.  Maybe I do have a problem but admitting it’s half the battle, right?  Today it’s holly.

Royal icing holly accents are super simple to make.  You will need:

  • Medium stiff green piping icing
  • Red piping icing
  • Some sort of leaf tip

I used a #66 for this demo, but anything from a #65s to a #70 or a #349 and #352 {these produce more bubbly leaves} will work.

Here’s an idea of what size accent each tip will produce.  There’s a few variables involved, of course {pressure, icing consistency, etc.} but this is pretty close.

If your leaf tip isn’t cooperating with you, try opening it up a little with a thin bladed knife.

Now for the piping.

Piping holly is a pretty rhythmic thing.    Almost like aerobics, but without the sweat and heavy breathing.  It goes something like this…touch, squeeze, pull, release…back underneath, squeeze, pull, release.  One more time squeeze, pull to a point, and RELEASE.

For those of you who are about as coordinated as well, me, I broke it down even further.

Begin piping like you would any leaf.  Touch your tip to the parchment paper {or cookie} apply pressure to create a leaf, pull back ANNNNNNNNNND that’s where things change.  Instead of pulling the leaf to a point until it breaks move the icing tip back underneath the first leaf and repeat two more times.


Touch, squeeze, pull, and release…back underneath, squeeze, pull and release.  One more time squeeze, pull to a point, and RELEASE.

Here’s a side view, just in case I’ve really scared you.

After piping the bottom leaf, come back and add another {if you like double holly}.  Same thing.  Start by placing the tip near the center of the first leaf and repeat the steps above.

Finally, use a smallish {maybe #1.5 or #2} tip to add berries and let dry.

I like to have these on hand to add to snowmen and stockings but I’ve also been known to pipe them directly onto cookies and other things.

Like sugar cubes, for example.  Same thing as above, except I used a #65 tip.

Super simple and super cute, my favorite!

You can even used this technique to dress up store-bought cookies like white fudge dipped Oreos or homemade treats like Kevin and Amanda’s White Chocolate Dipped Ritz Sandwiches.

Oh yes, and for those of you that I’ve left completely confused with all my talk about aerobics, I made a {not so great I promise I will fix it soon} video.  Not an aerobic video, lest I end up on America’s Funniest Home videos, but one about piping holly accents.  Enjoy!

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  1. 11
    Angélica says:

    Hi!! Live your icing accents!! I’m having problems getting a pointed tip on my leaves, should i stop squezzing when I’m pulling to form a tip? Thanks

  2. 12
    Joan says:

    Thanks much for the holly tutorial. I’ve had lots of trouble with leaves and your tutorial was a great demonstration. Thanks too for the tip about opening the tip. Happy Holidays !

  3. 13
    Katia says:

    Great tutorial…as always!

  4. 14

    You make it look so easy. Thank you for sharing your techniques and skills. I hope you are having a lovely holiday season so far.

  5. 15
    Samantha says:

    They are perfect! One of these days I’ll get those darn leaves down! I hate them! I may need to “open” my tip, because it always gets wonky on me!

  6. 16
    Debbi Hook says:

    Just what I needed! Thanks :-)
    And, I always do better with a video – my brain just works that way ;-p

  7. 17
    Pixie says:

    I can’t get enough of your icing accents! I’m pretty new to cookies and still developing a “style”, but it’s definitely looking like a simple flooded round or square cookie with a pretty outline and a fabulous little applique in the center is my favorite kind of design. I’m already excited about all the possibilities spring holds–from nests full of tiny eggs to cute little bunnies. :)

  8. 18
    Alicia says:

    I love your videos and all the things you do.Your my favorite


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