Pencil and Thought Bubble Cookies

Why do I re-purpose cookie cutters?  Well lots of reasons really.   Like the fact that I own well over a thousand cutters but never quite have the shape that I need.  Or, I have a shape but it’s too complicated for my lazy ways or I’ve gotten bored with it.  Then there’s the instance where I find JUST the cutter I want but cannot justify spending over fifteen dollars on something that I might only use once.  Did I mention that I hate hand-cutting?

Like I said, lots of reasons.

Anywho, I’ve always wanted a thought bubble cutter but I’ve never really come across one that I loved.  So, I made one, which is just as well considering the number of times will I might actually need to make thought bubble cookies.

I combined a caterpillar cutter {from the Wilton 101 Cutter set} with an oval, but you could do all kinds of things.  For example, a pumpkin makes a speech bubble {I went with thought bubbles since I’ve never heard a worm speak}.  Or you can use a scalloped oval/circle with the caterpillar to make the whole thing bubbly.  You get the idea.

PS-If you don’t have an oval cutter try THIS TRICK.

Here’s another share-worthy idea.  Would you have ever thought to make pencils from a candycorn cutter?  Me either.  Good thing I have creative friends like Samantha, of Flour de Lis.

She thought a trimmed candycorn would make a perfect stubby little pencil.  I have to agree.  For the full tutorial, click here.

I even made a straight-sided version which was just as cute.

Moral of the story, re-purpose those cutters.  Not only will you end up with cute and original cookie designs, you might even save a few bucks!

I promise this is the end of the school cookies.  Two-thirds of my kiddos headed back yesterday.  I don’t know who was more excited, them or me.

And for some reason, if you do need a new cutter {or three}, here are my favorite places to shop:


I hope everyone is having a great week.  Happy baking!

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  1. 21

    The worms make me smile. I just love them! I just love how you repurpose cutters. It’s something that I’m trying to do more because I just own too many and like you said it always seems like you never have the one you need. I made conversation bubbles on my latest pirate cookies out of a balloon cutter. I was so proud of myself. Lol!

  2. 22
    Paula says:

    THESE ARE SUPER CUTE!! EEEEK wish I could decorate like this! LOVE LOVE!!

  3. 23

    Your repurposing of cookie cutters has always made me marvel at your imagination! Your kids are so lucky to have you for their mom! Seriously, I’ll bet every kid envies them having a “cookie mom” like you! Your boys are adorable. I so miss the days when my kids were that age.

  4. 24
    Flor says:

    Love your repurposing ideas!! But how do you “glue” the two pieces together? Some of my cookies break off by where Combine the two pieces. Thank you!

  5. 25
    Debra says:

    Cute cookies and cute little guys. :D

  6. 26
    Kelly says:

    Oh my gosh, these school cookies are AMAZING! I love the apple cookies. I made some for the first time and the weren’t quite as impressive. I’m also curious how you do the lettering so beautifully? Do you have a video on how to write so nicely? Thank you for the inspiration. I’m a huge fan of yours!

  7. 27
    Kelly says:

    By the way, your sons are cutie pies. I have the same throw pillow on my outdoor furniture. Did you get it at Home Depot too?

  8. 28
    Thamara says:

    Hi! which cookie cutter can I use for the big green caterpillar?

  9. 29
    Monica says:

    Hi! I Iove your ideas! But I don’t understand how you paste both shapes. Isn’t the cookie broke? Because sometimes my cookies have little crack and when I decore them, finally they broke. Do you use sometido knack in order to avoid they broke? Thanks! And congratulations for your ideas.
    Kisses from Barcelona (spain)


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