Simple Seahorse Cookies

A few months ago a sweet cookie friend emailed me and asked me for a how-to on simple seahorse cookies.  It took twice as long as I planned to get it done of course, but finally, here they are.  This is for you Susie!

To make these cookies you will need:

Begin by using a #2 tip to outline the cookie in light blue.  For a more realistic look, make a wave pattern as you outline {the same way you probably drew water as a kid}.  Once the cookie has been outlined, fill with medium blue icing.

While the flood icing is wet, sprinkle with disco dust.  I used baby blue, but if you aren’t down for investing a ton of money into random shades, go with rainbow.  It works for everything.  If you’re not digging disco dust at all {food safety issues which we’ll talk more about in the future} skip it altogether.

Let the icing dry for a bit and then pipe on the details with  #1.5 tip.  This might seem a little scary but if you break it down into sections, it’s pretty easy.  Start by making a line down the back of the seahorse, then another toward the front like I did below.  Finally, connect the three, once again using a wave pattern and that’s all there is to it.

Once the body is piped, give the seahorse a little jawline and eye.

To finish up, use a 101 ruffle tip to add a sweet little fin.  I took a bazillion pictures of this, but in the end I decided you’re better off watching Ali’s ruffle tutorial for help with this step.

Let them dry completely and you have a simple, yet elegant seahorse cookie.

I mixed mine with a few starfish and sand dollars for visual interest, but these are beautiful on their own.

I hope everyone has had a safe relaxing weekend!  See you back here soon!

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  1. 61
    Kenya says:

    They are so beautiful. It’s crazy how pretty cookies can be.

  2. 62
    Leigh says:

    These are amazing!!! I love the colors, so beautiful!! And the starfish look so real! What did you put on the starfish? Cinnamon and sanding sugar?? I keep staring at the picture, trying to figure it out. lol. I am so amazed and intrigued by these awesome cookies!

  3. 63
    melissa b says:

    I love the sand dollar cookies! Do you have instructions on how you did those somewhere? My sister is getting married at the beach in october. I’d love to have something like that to do for her!

  4. 64
    Patricia says:

    OMG!! u make everything look so easy! they are sooooooooooo pretty! i love all ur cookies i am a huge fan!! u are like a cookie goddess!! I am still trying to figure out how to make cookies and the royal icing… well let’s not touch that subject!!! jajaja keep up the beautiful work and can’t wait for more :)

  5. 65
    Sandy Dickson says:

    These are really lovely. Where did you find this sea horse cookie cutter? I’ve seen some others, but not this one, and I REALLY like this one!

  6. 66
    Katy says:

    You are killing me with cute over here! Totally inspired. You ROCK.

  7. 67
    Kimberlie says:

    Where did you find the awesome seahorse cookie cutters, I am in Jacksonville, FL and there are not very many baking supply stores, except things like AC Moore and Michaels.

  8. 68
    Rae says:

    So cute, but rendered INEDIBLE because disco dust is PLASTIC CRAFT GLITTER and not to be used on food. Disco dust is only for decorations that will be removed before eating.

    To keep these edible, edible glitter made from gum arabic, sanding sugar, or gelatin should be used.


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