How to use the Stencil Genie and a Giveaway

How to make perfectly stenciled cookies every single time with the amazing Stencil Genie via

Once upon a time, I bought every single cookie tool known to man. Then, as time went on and I ran out of storage space, I cleared out all the fluff and kept only the things I truly use and love. It’s not often that a gadget that finds a place in my heart, but when the Stencil Genie hit the scene last year, it did just that! So this year, in honor of the Stencil Genie’s first birthday, it’s creator, Ginny Levack and I decided to celebrate with a giveaway. But first, I’d like to tell you a little bit about how the Stencil Genie works.

How to use the Stencil Genie to make perfectly stenciled sugar cookies via Sweet

Many of you already use the Stencil Genie, so, this is a review. But for those of you who have not, here’s a quick little overview. The Stencil Genie is made up of four parts. A two-piece frame, plus two additional “Wonderbars” (sold separately) for airbrushing cookies on a stick. Stencil Genie Cookie airbrushing system partsIf you look closely you’ll notice that one side of the frame is slightly taller than the other. This is to accommodate cookies of different thicknesses. Stencil Genie sides How to use the Stencil Genie to airbrush cookiesTo use the Genie, place the square pieces magnet side-up and position the stencil over one side of the frame.

You may be able to use larger stencils in the Genie, but the best size is a five and a half inch square. I especially like designs from The Cookie Countess, Artfully Designed Creations, and Killer Zebras for my projects.

How to place a stencil in the Stencil Genie via Sweetsugarbelle.comWhen the stencil is in position, secure it by placing the second side over the bottom, magnets touching.

How to use the Stencil Genie to airbrush cookies via Sweet Suagrbelle blogNext, place the stencil over a cookie that has been flooded and allowed to dry. How to make perfectly stenciled cookies via SweetsugarbelleUse icing, an airbrush, or aerosol spray color to apply the color in light, even layers. Remember to be as light handed as possible. If you use too much color or icing the excess can seep under the edges of the stencil and ruin the design. How to Stencil Cookies with a Stencil GenieAfter applying the color, carefully remove the frame to reveal a beautifully stenciled cookie. Stenciled Checkerboard StencilsStenciled cookies make great stand alone designs, but I especially love to use them in my cookie platters to kind of “tell a story,” if you will. How to make stenciled cookies with the Stencil Genie via Sweetsugarbelle.comNow that the technical stuff is out of the way let’s talk about the giveaway! In honor of the Stencil Genie’s first birthday, one lucky reader will win:

  • one Stencil Genie (second generation with Wonderbars)
  • the Air Genie Pro airbrush system
  • and five Cookie Countess cookie stencils

Must be 18 years or older to win. Good Luck! a Rafflecopter giveaway