20+ Creative Ways to Use a Star Cookie Cutter

Twenty ways to use a common star cookie cutter!Today is an exciting day.  I know I say that almost every day but today I really mean it.

Have any of you ever seen Apollo 13?  If not bear with me a second, there’s a point to this tangent.

After the whole explosion and “Houston, we have a problem” thing,  Mission Control realizes that the carbon dioxide scrubbers in the LEM {lunar excursion module} aren’t going to last very long.  This means things don’t look so good for ol’ Jim Lovell and company.  So, NASA puts a bunch of engineers into a little room with a boxful of parts with the instructions “make a square peg fit into a round hole”.  Of course, they make things work and save the day.   I’ve seen the movie a million times but I still get a little teary when I watch that scene. I guess it’s because creative and determined thinkers like those NASA engineers are my favorite kind of people in the world.  I love being around others that are inspired by the challenge of coming up with something new.

Luckily, hanging out on the World Wide Web has allowed me to meet a lot of these creative-type thinkers.  What’s even better is that they share my passion for baking up sweet treats.  These “baking engineers” teach, inspire, and challenge me to be more creative myself.

I know it’s not quite astronaut rescue, but I wanted to do something to highlight what people can do when they think creatively, so I picked a few baking buddies and gave them this challenge, “If you were stranded on a desert island with only a well-stocked pantry, an amazing oven, all of your baking tools, a star cutter {plus a few others that may’ve washed up}, what would you make?

Here’s what they came up with.

1 . “Star”berry Shortcake on a Stick, The Decorated Cookie

2. Patriotic Lace Cookies , My Little Bakery

3. Independence Day Parade Cookies, Jill FCS

4. Old Fashioned 4th of July, Vicki’s Sweet Tweets

5. Light up the Fourth Cookies, The Partiologist

6. Declaration of Independence Cookie, Vanilla Bean Baker

7. Badge of Liberty Cookies, Lila Loa

8. Red, White & Blue Star Cookie Towers, Bake at 350

9. 4th of July Firecracker Cookies, Klickitat Street

10. Star Cut-out Cookies, Glorious Treats

11. Cookie “Pledge”, Lizy B Bakes

12. Star-Shaped Krispie Treats, Cookies and Cups

13. Easy Star Cupcake Toppers, Confessions of a Cookbook Queen

14. Rustic 4th of July Galletes, Haniela’s

15. Patriotic Cookie Wreath, Sweetopia

16. Patriotic River Rafter, Ali-Bee’s Bake Shop

17.  Funny Fox Cookies, The Bearfoot Baker

18. Gimme Your John Hancock Stars, Life’s a Batch

19. Quilted Cookie Stars, Cookie Crazie

20. Patriotic Cookie Stir Sticks, The Cookie Artisan

Oh yes, and in case ya missed them, you can check out my patriotic floral star cookie HERE.

Okay, you survived today’s nerd surge, so no need to hang around here listening to me {because everyone knows nerd is contagious, right?}.  Instead, check out all of the cool things my baking buds made with their star cutters.  You’re going to love it!

Have a great Wednesday, everyone!