Dancing Elf Cookies

This little cookie puzzle is one of my favorites.  By now, most of you know that I like custom cookie shapes to be as easy as possible, so this year I simplified the original version.

Rather than piecing together two cookies, I snipped off a small part of a single shape.

Did you guess?  I found this angel cutter in a big container of Betty Crocker cutters I bought recently.  As a matter of fact, it was one of the primary reasons I wanted them.  Even in the package I could see that cute little angel was just the right shape to become an adorable little elf face.  All I did was trim off a corner of the dress after placing them on the cookie sheet.

Just in case you can’t find this set, I found an angel cutter at Karen’s cookie that will work.  To see it, click HERE.

After that, the rest is easy.

To decorate elf face cookies you will need:

Begin by using 20-second icing to outline the face and then quickly drop in pearl eyes.

Next, outline the hat, and fill in alternating green stripes.  Let the green set up for twenty or thirty minutes, then flood the middle red.  You can speed the process along by using a fan to dry the cookies in between steps.  At this point let the cookie dry completely, at least eight hours or overnight.

The next day, add the details.  I used a #67 leaf tip and medium piping icing for the hat and collar, pink petal dust for the cheeks, and a #1.5 PME tip for all of the outlining and detail work.

The jingle bell was also easy  to make.

These smiling elves can stand alone or as part of a larger cookie puzzle.  If you’d like to make a full elf, use a bell for the middle, and my leggy little witch tutorial as a guide for legs.

If it’s Santa that gets your motor running, I have him covered too.  I’ve been visiting friends and sharing cookies again this week.  You can find my Santa face cookie tutorial In Katrina’s Kitchen, his”BELL-y” over on my friend Nicole’s blog, Life’s a Batch,  and soon, a Santa leg tutorial at Love From the Oven, with Christi.

Also, if you like three-piece Christmas cookies, check out my talented friend Jody’s segmented cookie collections. I first saw her make Santa sets last year and have been in love ever since.

Jody is one of my all-time favorite cookie decorators so while you’re there, take a gander at ALL of her creations.  You’ll love what you see, I promise.

Fifteen more baking days ’til Christmas, y’all!  Make ’em count!