Peeps Cookies

Everyone knows these guys! I made my first set last year and since then I have had many people ask me where I found a Peeps cutter.  Truth is, it was just a lucky Hobby Lobby find.  The cutter I used to make the cookies below was one of a set of minis they carried last year.
One thing I never really liked about it, however, is the fact that it was so small.  So, this year I went on the hunt for another readily available cutter that could be used to make Peeps cookies.
Hobby Lobby to the rescue again!  This is what I found. {since they were on sale, I paid $1.40 for the set}
Of course I bought two…one, to bend, and a second to keep on-hand just in case I break the other.
I always remove the awful “grip” that comes on these.
As far as I am concerned, Hobby Lobby can just skip that part.  It doesn’t compare to the Wilton version.  But than again, that’s probably how they can get away with letting them out the door for a dollar-forty!
After that, I squeezed it together just a tiny bit, until it looked right to me.
Then to make a Peep cookie, I followed these steps:
Then, after giving them 5-10 minutes to set, I applied sanding sugar.
After another 30 minutes or so, I added dark chocolate brown facial features.
I used a #2 tip and icing that was somewhere between piping and flood.  I wanted to get an “authentic” look.
By the way, when sanding your cookies, always do it over waxed paper.  Then it’s this simple to put the leftover back in its container.
Pretty darn close, and very budget friendly, right?

Big Peeps put me in the mood to make little Peeps. Cupcake topper Peeps to be specific.

Before I teased everyone with a cutter that they could not find, I went on the hunt for something similar.  This is what I found.
I used an icing tip to help show the size of the cutters.  This year’s is definitely smaller, but it will work.
I baked a batch of cupcakes, which now works way better for me since I discovered {Tidy Mom’s recipe}, which you should definitely check out!
I made two different sets.  One on bamboo forks, which I buy at World Market, and some plain mini-Peeps.
I think I prefer the plain cookie this time…
Oh yes, and just in case someone likes to make things difficult, not referring to anyone I know *ahem, me*, there is not a special double cutter to make a double Peep. {Yes, I actually asked someone this}  Simply bake two together.
I had to trim them a tiny bit, but it worked perfectly!
At the end of the day I was left with these cuties.
Of course, if you are not near a Hobby Lobby, or if this is a little too much work for you, Copper Gifts carries a {Bunny Bun Cutter} in both small and large sizes, which is PERFECT for this. I also found out that the PEEPS website sells a PEEPS Cookie Kit HERE, but for seasonal, rarely made cookies adapting an inexpensive one works for me =)
I hope it works for you too!
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