Second-hand Cookie Cutters

I recently took a little mountain vacation, and one my favorite things about getting away, besides the lake, a local Starbucks, a cookie cutter store, great local food, mountain air….ummmmmmmmm, what was I talking about again???

Oh YES, one of my favorite things about mountain getaways besides all of the others is heading  to the flea markets.  I love scouring them for treasures, ESPECIALLY old cookie cutters! 

I have a theory that the best cutters can be found in places like this.  Lots of times all of the extra household items get taken to the cabin, at least in my family, and that eventually gets cleaned out, and lots of old forgotten items end up in second-hand bins, including COOKIE CUTTERS! 

What’s even better is that since most of the tourists prefer skiing over shopping, I have an unfair advantage =)

This time I really struck gold.  Here’s a photo of the first batch.

Obviously, I’m not really particular about what they are made of.  I usually adapt them so that they work for me.

The next day brought even more luck.  My favorite find were these little beauties. It’s the entire set of,”The Twelve Days of Christmas”!

 Now, normally, I don’t like this type of cutter.  I roll my cookies thicker than they are able to cut.  HOWEVER, they make GREAT templates if you don’t have an aversion to hand cutting,{which I obviously don’t} so, I felt like the luckiest girl on the block!

I REALLY REALLY love the first five, and I already know that the “5 Golden Rings”  will make multiple cameos in my cookie adventures.

I picked a few of my favorites…well maybe more than a few.  I am so excited to use them!!!

I love the leprechaun hat, and those snowmen {I really could have used those in December}, and check out the snowman I found! It already has a cowboy hat!  No special cutting!

I am also really really taken with that simple little bell.  I don’t know why, but it really appealed to me!

I am glad it’s almost Monday because my little vacation really fired me up for Easter.  In fact, I may have more ideas than time. 

These are last year’s.  I have already set up a little idea board for this year, and have big plans to hit it hard.

I’m sure everyone recognizes these little guys=)

These were on of my very first favorite ideas I discovered on Flickr.  The originals were made by T-Woods, and you can see them on her Flickr photostream {HERE}.
Here are some more.  I made TONS of Easter cookies last year!

The “He is Risen” cookie is a direct copy from another Flickr-er, benzie?design, re-created, of course, with permission.  The originals are actually much prettier, because they have a little fondant dove accent.  I love little details like that.  You can see them {HERE}.

Stay tuned for lots of fun Easter ideas!  And don’t forget to check those second-hand stores, flea markets and antique stores for orphaned cookie cutters.  You never know what treasure you might find!
Good luck, happy hunting, and even happier baking!