Simple Rose Monogram Cookies

From time to time I get on cookie kicks.  Lately it’s monograms.

Perfect monogram cookies are easy to make.  Since I went projectorless for the last two rounds, I thought it was time for a Kopykake version.  As I’ve mentioned before, a Kopykake won’t change your skill level overnight but with practice it will allow you to achieve a consistent results in less time than other methods.

Floral Monogram CookiesTo create monogram cookies with a Kopykake I always begin with a bit of research.  Rather than sifting through fonts, I prefer to Google specific letters.  For example, in this case, I searched for, “letter S”.  Once I found what I had in mind, I resized and printed the image.  Since the printed image was a similar to the color of the cookie base I used a black permanent marker to create a more visible outline.

Rose Monogram Cookie

To make these cookies you will need:

Outline and flood the cookies with orange icing and let dry overnight.  Once the base is dry insert the prepared image into the projector and center the letter on the cookie. For more help with using a Kopykake projector, click here.

Begin by using pink icing to add the base of the rose and let partially dry.

Rose Monogram Cookie 1It will look like this away from the projector.

Rose Monogram Cookie 2Once the rose is partially dry,  position the cookie under the projector again.  Make sure the rose is slightly overlapping the letter.  Use white 20-second icing to fill in the “S”.

Rose Monogram Cookie 3Once again, here’s the cookie away from the projector.  At this point the “S” will need to partially dry.

Rose Monogram Cookie 4Add a leaf to the rose with any small round trip or a #65 if you have it.  You can also dress up the design with a quasi-eyelet pattern.  I used a #1.5 tip.

Rose Monogram Cookie 5Finish up by adding a swirl of icing to the rose.

Rose Monogram Cookie 6Monogram cookies are a great way to personalize mixed platters but they’re also beautiful on their own.

Rose Monogram Cookie 7For more helpful ideas {especially if you don’t have a Kopykake} be sure to check out these posts:

Happy hump day!

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  1. 11

    I am so glad you did this tutorial. When I saw your ballerina tutorial, I hoped you would show us how to make this beautiful monogram. Thank you sharing your brilliance with us.

  2. 12

    I love these! Simple yet so elegant. Thanks for showing us how!

    And I love the bowing ballerina cookies. I have to tell you, when I first saw the post in my email, I was really tired so I read the post title as “bowling ballerinas” and thought “now that should be interesting!”

  3. 13
    Lizy B says:

    I always forget about googling a specific letter! Thanks so much for the reminder and those monograms are fabulous!!! (hmmmm, what if I gizoogle a letter?)

  4. 14
    Paz Ortega says:

    All your cookies are really awesome!!!! I love all of them. And I am very, very happy because I am going to see you working live. I´ll be in your courses in Alicante, Spain. I cannot wait!!!!

  5. 15

    I someday hope to make a monogram cookie this beautiful – Thanks for sharing!

  6. 16
    Claudia says: me gusta mucho este blog es muy completo muchas gracias a todos los que hacen este maravilloso trabajo y mis felicitaciones lo necesito en español por favor

  7. 17
    Claudia says:

    sere muy feliz cuando pueda traducir todo este maravilloso contenido

  8. 18

    These are so cute! I love orange and pink together.
    One other great thing about using a projector: your skills do improve so that you don’t *always* have to use one. (I never believed I’d be able write neatly without a projector!) And thanks for the awesome tip about googling a letter… that’s going to save me tons of time!

  9. 19

    Love the elegance of this design with the little white dot trios. You are a woman of vast patience. :)

  10. 20

    I love monograms so I am so excited that you could use this awesome trend and make cookies! They look too pretty to eat. :)