Paint Palette Cookies

Bright and colorful paint palette cookies are super cute and easy to make.  Make them for the artist in your life, or just for fun.

Paint Palette Cookie 2

Although I own a couple of paint palette cookie cutters both are a little larger than I like.  Rather than buying yet another, I used a paring knife to trim a heart.  For a cleaner edge try a moon cutter.  If you don’t have a heart cutter handy, a circle will work too.  Be creative.

You can go a step further use a tiny round cutter for a thumb-hole if you like.

Paint Palette Cookie

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Light brown piping and flood icing
  • 20-second icing in the colors of your choice for paint

Begin by outlining and filling the palettes.  I kept things simple, but you could  use a wood-grain stencil to add a little more detail.

Paint Palette Cookie Cutters

Once the base is partially dry, use 20-second icing to add “paint”.  It’s okay to be messy.  Real palettes usually are.

Paint Palette Cookies

Let the cookies dry completely {8-24 hours}.  Pipe a paintbrush directly onto the cookie or create a cookie platter by adding paint brush cookies.  You can find the cutter I used HERE.

Paint Palette Cookies 3

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Have a great Memorial Day weekend!

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  1. 11
    Lizy B says:

    Love the bristles on that brush!!! My little star tips have been sadly neglected ;( Always glad to have a new way for them to come out and play!

    (and thanks for the love!! xx )

  2. 12
    Crystal R. says:

    I’m not a cookie artist by any means of the imagination. But, I view your blog daily and can’t wait to see what you come up with next. I love love love these paint palettes and brushes. I’m a portrait/mural artist (acrylic paint, paper crafting, etc….). Your cookies are amazing…..keep on baking!!!!!

  3. 13

    these are fabulous!

  4. 14

    i absolutely love these!!

  5. 15

    You really are so talented. I love seeing this. There is so much movement in your brush. Swoosh!

  6. 16

    Your post couldn’t have been more timely! I just made some palette cookies for my daughter’s birthday party that was held at an art studio. I used an egg cutter and then made a template to cut out the curved portion of the pallete. For the finger hole, I just used the back of a regular piping tip. It was the perfect size. Your use of a heart cutter was genius! Love the brushes as well.

  7. 17
    katie says:

    These cookies are so cute! You are so crazy talented at decorating cookies!!!

  8. 18

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    it be with the products you require. Surely, this may not be really a certain consequence
    though. Once you do that, no problem when you aren’t the one one.

  9. 19
    Asmita says:

    I love the bristles on the brush. How do you achieve that look?


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