One Direction Cookies and a Printable Kopykake Template

People often ask me what part of cookie decorating takes the longest.  Is it the baking?  Mixing icing colors?  The actual decorating?

All great guesses, but in my case the longest {and sometimes hardest} part of the cookie decorating process is the research and planning.  I often work on a cookie collection for hours before I even turn on the oven.  Especially when the theme involves a certian British boy band that I was previously unaware of.

One Direction Cookies

In a perfect world research is a normal and relaxing part of the design process.  But in the fast-paced real world many of us just don’t have the time.  So, I made it easy for you.  Because I love you all so much, I turned my sketches into a neat little printable template.

Now, instead of Googling 1-D images and converting them into something usable, you can watch a little TV with your significant other before burning the midnight oil.  Click HERE to download.

Print the images and cut them apart.

One Direction Printable

Clamp the selected teen heartthrob securely in your Kopykake.  Turn on the lamp and center the image on the cookie.

One Direction Template

The next step is personal preference.  You can pipe first and then fill or do what I do and start with the color.

One Direction Cookies 3

Let the cookie dry, then “clean it up” by piping details.  Whatever makes ya happy.  All roads lead to Rome.

One Direction Cookies 2

Use a cute font to add their names if you want {or need} to.

One Direction Harry Cookie

Easy breezy right?  Now we just have to pray that they keep their hairstyles long enough for you to use them.

One DirectionIf you’re feeling super ambitious, you might even enlarge the images and use them as a template for hand-cutting.

For help with using a Kopykake projector, check out these posts:

No Kopykake?  Try these cool ideas:



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  1. 21

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  2. 22
    Emily says:

    I just found this website now and LOVE IT! But where can I buy myself one of those nifty “Kopykake’s”? I guess this might just me and my ignorance, but do you need a certain type of paper that is edible?… Since it will be left under the cookie…. Or do you just not eat them? Thanks! I love 1D and these are the perfect cookies, they would be a huge hit at a party, THANKS MUCH!(:

    • 22.1
      Sweet Sugar Belle says:

      I would order from Jerry’s Artarama or Madison art supply. Click on the How to Use a Kopykake link for resources. Its a projection, so there is no paper involved. Just light and icing.

  3. 23
    flaviia says:

    hola una pregunta me podrías pasar las imágenes para poder imprimirlas me encanto tu idea

  4. 24
    Denise says:

    I saw them in concert last month, and I’m sure they would’ve loved to have these!!! Too cute, and so are they!!! ;)

  5. 25
    hannah says:

    hi! I was wondering if you have the kopykakes 300xk projector or something different ?
    -thank you so much!!

  6. 26
    sof says:

    Thank u so much. I was worried because one friend ask me to do 1D cookies for her sister, How can I do that? But here I found the answer!

  7. 27
    Debbie says:

    I used your template and outlined them onto wax paper backwards. turned them over and outlined in edible inked. I put them ink side down on the cookie and pressed the drawing onto the cookie. They turned out great and were a lot of work but worth it. Thank you so much for the template. You always inspire me.

  8. 28
    Amelia says:

    Thank you so much for sharing your post with us, love your tutorials, very helpful. You have answered so many of my questions.


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