Polka Dot Carrot Cookies

Who’s the nut still taking about Easter?  Yeah, that would be me.

I like Easter cookies as much as the next gal, but after making about a gazillion of them they tend to get a little, well, uh…boring.  To save my sanity I gave the classic carrot cookie a brand new look.  I think I kind of love it.

Bunny Face and Carrot Cookie

To make these cookies you will need:

  • Orange piping and flood icing
  • White flood icing
  • Green piping icing

Begin by outlining the cookies with a #2 tip.  Flood, then quickly add polka-dots to the wet icing.


Let the orange section dry for a bit then use a leaf tip {I used a #70} for the stem.  I used piping icing because I’m lazy…stiffer icing will produce more defined leaves.


To finish up add a swirl detail with a #2 tip.  I tried to follow the natural curve of the cutter.  Do what feels natural to you.


These look great on their own but you can mix them with other Easter-themed cookies like this adorable bunny.

Carrot Cookie

I packaged them in regular cellophane bags dressed up with printable “Keep Calm and Eat Carrots” tags from I Heart Naptime.  Simple and cute…my favorite combination.