Teeny Tiny Little Brushes for Teeny Tiny Little Lines

Ever wonder what the secret is to thin lines like these?

My secret is a teeny tiny paintbrush like this 20/0 spotter.

Just to give you an idea of how tiny it really is, here’s how it stacks up against a boo boo stick and a toothpick.

I use a small brush like this dipped into a mixture of gel paste and water for very fine details like eyelashes or facial features on character cookies.  Holding it like a pencil makes it a bit easier to manage.

I keep a ton of them on hand so that I am always prepared.

I especially like very thin liners and spotter brushes which you can find HERE and HERE.

I also use nail art brushes, which you can find HERE and on EBAY.

And teensie tiny model brushes, available at most hobby and craft stores in the model section.  Pick one up today.  You may just be in love.

I hope everyone has a safe and productive week!

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  1. 11
    JulieD says:

    ooh these are awesome!!

  2. 12
    CookieD-oh says:

    I used to use those brushes when I painted miniature (gaming) figures. I never thought to use them on cookies!

  3. 13

    great tip! now i have to go get some of these brushes… your post came a day late for me! just delivered an order of xmas minnie mouses (mice, rather, but somehow that just doesn’t sound right) this morning. they were ok but not great. i should have searched your blog for inspiration beforehand!

  4. 14
    Kristin says:

    I am in love just from looking at the photos of them!!!!!! I know what to ask Santa for!

  5. 15
    Holli says:

    Can you post a tutorial on how you created your beautiful minnie mouse cookie?? It’s adorable!!!

  6. 16
    Talina says:

    Uff! donde consigo estos pinceles en México :(…
    Excelente trabajo el de ustedes

  7. 17

    Thanks again for your help with this, Callye! I just shared your pearls of wisdom so hopefully it will help a few more! Again, thanks so much!

  8. 18
    Rachel says:

    Oh I’m not so mad as I thought! I’m first and foremost a makeup artist, and I’ve been drawing on eyelashes and small details with brushes on cookies for like always. Didn’t want to tell anyone cause they may have thought I wasn’t a ‘real’ cookie decorator if I didn’t use bottles or piping bags!

  9. 19
    Melinda says:

    Hi there! After following your blog for months and swooning over all your creations, I finally made my first batch of royal icing this weekend. Your careful instructions we SO incredibly helpful! Thanks so much- you’re such an inspiration! So I need to make some details on my cookies that involve short, thin black lines (kinda like Minnie’s eyelashes). I tried piping them on, but I don’t think I’m quite there yet, skills-wise. If I paint directly onto the cookie, can I use the the gel/water solution? Or would that bleed? I would appreciate any advice you have for this beginner :)


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