Stacked Gift Cookies

One of the biggest changes that happens when you catch the cookie decorating bug is that you begin to see cookies everywhere.  Gone are the days when a tree was a tree.  Once you become a cookier, you see life in cookies.

I call this phenomenon “cookie think” and I have it in a bad way.  So, when my friend Hani challenged me to find cookie inspiration in a greeting card, I didn’t have to look far.

I saved this card from last year because I liked it so much.

The fun thing about the stacked gift design is that you can get pretty creative.  I picked from my stash of squares and rectangles and added a few other cutters like wedding cakes and gifts.

The baking was as simple as piecing them together in ways that I liked.  I found I preferred stacking smaller cutters to keep the cookies reasonably sized.

Once the cookies were baked, they will look something like this.

An important thing to remember when piecing cookies is not to move them until they are completely cool.  Better yet, if you have spare sheets, don’t move them at all until they are iced and dry.  This will make them much less likely to break at the seams

When it’s time to decorate, be sure to consider the design before outlining.  Some are pretty straight forward, but for other 2you’ll have to decide how you’d like the boxes to be layered in the final product.

Aside from a few stencil mishaps, I had a pretty nice time decorating these.  It’s hard to pick a fave.  If you need help creating the colors that I used, click here.  For instructions on creating a burlap texture with icing, click HERE.

Anywho, I mentioned “cookie think”, right?  Well apparently I’m not the only one with this affliction.  There are at LEAST twenty-one more of my cookie friends with the same disease.  Be sure to go check out their greeting card inspired cookies too!

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I’m still a busy, busy little Christmas elf so keep your eyes peeled for more Christmas cookie cheer!

Happy Baking!

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  1. 31

    oh I love it! gifts are so pretty when wrapped but I hate wrapping them:(

  2. 32
    Georganne says:

    I am SO impressed with your delicate stencil skills! I’ve figured out how to use the big ol’ stencils, but the ones with the tiny perfect lines still elude me. These are SO fun!

  3. 33

    I couldn’t love these cookies enough. I mean they are perfection and they make me all kinds of happy :)

  4. 34
    Debbie says:

    Love these! Just fabulous! You are an incredible talent! Thanks for a wonderful and informative blog. I look forward to reading it every day!

  5. 35
    Valerie says:

    When I tried stencilling, the stencilled area dried rock hard and my family complained. In fact, any small dots and such dry too hard. What am I doing wrong?

  6. 36

    I would love to include you and a photo of this on my “friday link” roundup.
    ok to steal a photo?
    if not, please email me and I’ll just do a link only
    many thanks
    its just so pretty I have to include you

  7. 37
    Elaine Baker says:

    When cutting and pasting cookies together … do you need to do anything to prepare them before you put them in the oven? Or, do you just place them next to each other and they just bake into each other?

  8. 38
    Sarah says:

    These are so gorgeous!! Thanks for the tips about piecing cookies together, tried to make elf on the shelf cookies this morning but his collar kept falling off… I’m going to have to pull out the spare cookie sheets! :)

  9. 39
    Alisa WHITING says:

    So lovely.

  10. 40
    Mary Lynne Fletcher says:

    WOW! Another beautiful plate of cookies! Thanks for all the great helpful ideas …… but I think if I buy ONE more cookie cutter my husband is going to leave me! Probably 200 this year alone (: (: (:


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