Funny Frankenstein Cookies

Not a Halloween goes by that I don’t make Frankenstein cookies.  He’s my favorite.  I’d guess it has something to do with all the hours I spent with Herman Munster as a kid.

Anywho, there are about a million and one ways to approach decorating a Frankenstein cookie.  I do it a little differently each year.  By following a few basic steps you will be able to make the most adorable Frankensteins on the block!

To make these cookies you will need:

Begin buy using 20-second icing to cover the facial area.  Sometimes I go straight across, sometimes Frankie has stylish bangs…do whatever floats your boat that day.  Use white icing to add eyes immediately after flooding the face.  This technique is often referred to as the wet-on-wet technique.

At this point let the icing dry.  I wait at least four or five hours, sometimes it takes longer depending on the weather and your climate.

After the base is dry use green 20-second icing to add a brow bone, the bridge of his nose, and some pupils.  Be sure to use thicker flood icing.  I knew mine was a little thin when I started.  I went ahead with what I had and it came dangerously close to cratering.

After a few more minutes outline and fill the hair, add nostrils, a mouth {I like using a variety of expressions}, and maybe give him a little twinkle in his eye.

Finish up by adding personality-adding  details.  I decided it was time to bring back Brook Shield brows and cleft chins.

PS-Don’t forget the bolts.  That’s kind of a must when it comes to Frankenstein cookies.

See?  I do it different every year, although I admit, I might have a thing for spikey bangs.

If you need Frankenstein cutters check out these places:

Anywho, the moral of the story is this.  Have fun with your Frankensteins.  Add fun little touches that make them your own.  I love seeing their expressions.  As a matter of fact, the one on the right looks like this guy I know.

I hope everyone is having a swell week!

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  1. 21
    Vinie says:

    Very cute ! I like it :)

  2. 22
    Brantcookies says:

    I would love to live in your head for a day. I have no idea how you come up with such amazing ideas, how you layer icing to achieve effects. Your amazing!

  3. 23
    Sherri D. says:

    Wilton Comfort-Grip Cutter “Frankenstein” on clearance at Michael’s for $1.99 (got me one today)!!!!

  4. 24

    I love every single one of your Frankenstein cookies, and your newest one here is no exception!

  5. 25
    Sprunty says:

    Does royal icing crater when the consistency is too thin? As always, your work is fabulous. When do you get a book deal?

  6. 26
    Ann says:

    I am made these today but for some reason I can never get my black, black enough. Even when I let it sit overnight. It stay the same charcoal color. I dont want to continue adding more black as it will end up with a bad taste. Any tips.

  7. 27

    I was making Halloween cookies for a bake sale last week and was totally intimidated by the Frankenstein cutter I had- until I saw your post. I have had it open in my browser for WEEKS until I made my cookies. You are such an inspiration. Thank you so much for sharing your gift.
    Here is a post about my bake sale cookies if you’d like to see how you inspired me. (Yes, I basically copied. No, it wasn’t for profit.) 😉

  8. 28
    Armnima says:

    how to make the royal icings look glossy and smooth?


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