Simple Tangled Cookies {Pascal}

A couple of years before I decided to brave the Internet I was one of those home baker gals.  Basically, I baked and decorated a gazillion cookies each and every week.  The majority of those cookies were for birthday parties, which almost always meant character cookies.  Back then, I spent a lot of time trying to make cookies that EXACTLY matched the theme I was given. Talk about stressful!

I don’t know if it’s because I actually have time to sleep now, but these days I live by a new, smarter rule.  Somewhere along the way I learned that cookies didn’t have to perfectly match the party set to be beautiful.  Now, I am passing that wisdom onto you.  Over the next few months I will be sharing several ideas for simplifying popular party cookies.  I am super excited about it, and I hope you are too.

At the risk of being repetitious, I’m still on the subject of Tangled, but these were so simple it wouldn’t be fair to keep them to myself.

When I made Tangled cookies for my little one’s birthday, I skipped almost all the characters with the exception of Pascal, who looked pretty manageable.  He ended up being so easy that the tutorial I made for him was all of two photos long.

I used a simple square cutter squished to a diamond, outlined, filled, then added eyes and a few details…easy breezy.

Then, a few weeks after my daughter’s party, I ran across these adorable Pascal party blowers on Disney and instantly saw cookies. The best part is that this idea is even cuter and easier than the first!

It all started with a barn cutter, which you can get here.  With a tiny bit of trimming it worked perfectly for what I had in mind.

If you’d like to make these cookies you will need:

  • green piping and flood icing
  • a small amount of brown and white 20-second icing
  • black flood and piping icing

Begin by outlining and filling the cookie, then wait until they are completely dry.

When the base is dry, use white 20-second icing to add eyes, then quickly us brown icing and add an iris to the wet white icing. {FYI, this is called the wet-on-wet technique}

At this point, wait until the eyes are completely dry {down time is great for doing other party prep} then use the black 20-second icing to make pupils.

Finally, use a #1.5 tip to add a mouth and eyebrows {use the party blowers for reference}.  If you’re going for the unamused look, eyelids are a great touch.

Tada!  Cute, quick, easy, and a perfect match!  I hope I’ve saved you some cookie decorating stress.

Repeat after me.  Cookies don’t have to be stressful to be amazing.  This is our new mantra.  No matter what the theme, you CAN make cute cookies.

I have several cookie ideas ready to go, but I’m also up for suggestions.  If you have a theme that’s got you stumped, let me know, I’ll see what I can come up with.

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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  1. 31
    Tluu says:

    You are a cookie genius! I am so excited about your new series of simplifying character cookies! Please do Cars & Toy Story! Those two party themes give me cookie fits!

  2. 32
    Cat says:

    I’m all for no stress… problem is I want to do EVERYthing! If I could just keep focused on maybe doing 2 or 3 designs? I don’t really have a theme coming up – except for a Route 66 (sort of 50’s) party for my husband’s 66th bday (we missed celebrating the 65th), and I just need to get the “Route” shield cookie cutter, probably, unless you have another idea for using that barn! Of course I don’t have one of those cutters, either. However I DO have a HAND cookie cutter that came in a grab bag of cutters from the thrift store. First of all, what theme is a HAND in, anyway? And, second… are there any other uses for a HAND? c@

  3. 33
    Jshaw says:

    Do you sell your cookies? I’m definitely not going to attempt this on my own, but your cookies are ADORABLE!!!

  4. 34
    Rose Lakas says:

    Your cookies are so beautiful!!!! Keep up the good work. Rose

  5. 35
    Ann P. says:

    ADORABLE! Callye you are so awesome at seeing new shapes in regular old cookie cutters! I kind of think of you as a sculptor looking a block of raw marble and seeing forms inside that need to be sculpted. :) Really, you’re an artist!

  6. 36
    Beth king says:

    When you make the 20 second icing what is the recipe for that? I see your RI recipe, but what do you add to your RI so that it is 20 second icing?

  7. 37
    CJ says:

    is the recipe for the piping and flood icing you use somewhere on here? dying to know!


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