Tangled Cookies That YOU Can Make!

Well, HELLO, everyone!  It’s Tuesday, but it feels like a Monday, which is good, because when Friday comes it will only feel like Thursday which makes for a shorter week, right?

Anywho, today, we’re going to talk character cookies.   I’ve been trying to get to this for the longest time so I’m excited that today is finally the day!!! If you’ve hung around here very long, you probably already know that character cookies are the bane of my existence.

Okay…that may be a slight exaggeration, but I have literally been brought to tears by a few Disney characters. Then, I got smart.  Not so very long ago, I put my OCD aside and it occurred to me that theme cookies don’t have to be a perfect match to match perfectly. So, if you’re not quite up to making Rapunzel in cookie form {and who really is} there are plenty of adorable alternatives that won’t reduce you to tears.

I made these cookies for my little Belle’s birthday party.  I began with one of my all-time favorite cutters, a Dairy Queen-style ice cream cone from Wilton.

So far, it’s been an Easter basket, leprechaun, pilgrim, wheat bundle, nutcracker, Frankenstein, Uncle Sam, Santa, and even a scarecrow.  Now it’s making another appearance as Rapunzel’s tower from the movie Tangled!

Let’s start with icing color, because the stone I used for the tower can be a little tricky.  It’s simply ivory mixed with a little black.

Word to the wise…when adding color to darken a shade, it’s a good idea to use actual icing {flood or piping} rather than gel color.  I cannot tell you how many colors that have been ruined by a rogue drop of gel.  Using icing allows much more control over how much color you add.

Crazy how much a little black changes the ivory, right?  Now let’s get to decorating.

To make these cookies you will need:

Begin by outlining and filling the cookie.  For a more precise cookie you could trim the roof line before baking, but I decided to leave a little room to add details later.

Next, fill the cookie.  Start with the roof, add a window using blue 20-second icing, let it dry until the window has set then flood the rest using the stone color.

By this time the roof should be set enough to add shingles.  Use a #1.5 tip.

Let the cookies dry for a few hours before adding the final details like brickwork.

Finally, use green icing to add vines and them leaves {#65s tip works great for tiny leaves}.  I also added a tiny bluebird just for fun, but this is optional.

If you decided to go the bluebird route, piping one is easy.  I demonstrated on parchment, but you should pipe it directly onto the cookie, of course.  I used a #2 tip for the body and a #1.5 for the beak.  Use a toothpick and a little black gel color for eyes.

See?  Easy!  These also make great royal icing accents.

Pair this with other bright cookies, and you’ll have a perfect Tangled platter, minus the tears.  No one will miss Rapunzel at all, I promise.

If you are throwing a Tangled party, I found several more great ideas on the World Wide Web.  You should check them out!

Have a great week!