Pinterest Cookie-d {Chevron Cookies}

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got two cookie obsessed gals together in the same place?  Well wonder no more! 

I’ve been stalking following Ashleigh’s blog since I stumbled upon her fantastic ladybug party a few months ago.  It’s always fun to find someone who likes cookies as much as I do.  As we got to know each other, we learned that cookies weren’t our only common interest. 

Like me, Ashleigh loves all things crafty and beautiful.  One of our favorite places to hang out is PINTEREST, and of course, when your minds work like ours, if we love it, we have to cookie it!

So join us, for a very special week of Pinterest, cookied!!!  Each day, Ashleigh and I will each share one of our favorite trends, and how we translated them into cookie form.

I have been SOOOOOOOOOOO excited to share this series with y’all, that I could hardly wait.

We decided to get the ball rolling with PATTERNS.  I made chevron, and Ashleigh did her interpretation of quatrefoil.

I’ve been a chevron junkie since it began appearing on ETSY.  I have had these cookies in mind for a long long time.  I’m only sad it took me so long to finally make them.

This is one of the instances that I am very thankful for my projector.  However, I know many people don’t own one, so I came up with a way for anyone to make chevron print cookies with readily available supplies.

To make chevron cookies you will need:

  • square round cookies
  • clear paper, such as  stencil paper, or transparency sheets
  • permanent marker
  • scissors
  • food color markers
  • white piping and flood icing
  • flood and piping icing in the color of your choice

I made two versions of these cookies…the projector version, and the version I made with a template.  Both are pictured in this post.

To make a chevron template, first I copied and pasted a chevron pattern that I found online into Word.  I re-sized it so it would fit nicely on a three inch cookie, than printed it out.  I then cut along the pattern, and used it to mark my clear plastic and cut that out.

Once I had a template, I used it to mark the cookie.  I started at the bottom, then used a measuring tape to mark half-inch increments on the cookie.  You can skip that step and eyeball it {I used clear paper so it would be easy to guesstimate the distance}.

When all the cookies are marked, outline it with white piping icing.

Then fill alternating sections with white icing, and let it dry.  After the white is dry, fill the rest of the sections with any color you like.

After the dried, I “cleaned up” the design, by piping over the sections with black icing using a #1.5 PME tip.

It worked WONDERFULLY, and I was able to create different looks based on how I spaced the template lines. The yellow was done using my projector, black is the template version.

I got so into this I made more chevron cookies than I knew what to do with.  I made them in color combos that I have been digging lately,

and I even started SANDING them!


You can guess what was in our cookie jar all week!

I LOVE CHEVRON, whether it’s art, pillow, or cookies, I cannot get enough of this print!

Be sure to go check out Ashleigh’s quatrefoil cookies, and start getting pumped up now!  This is only the beginning…


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  1. 31

    Almost forgot to tell you that I featured the cookies in my weekly “Get Me Motivated Monday” post this week.

  2. 32

    Oh man… I am a chevron fan! These are the cutest cookies ever!!! LOVE THEM! I would love it if you would link this up to my Ta-Da Tuesday Link Party!!!

    xoxo, Ashley J

  3. 33
    Alice says:

    These are GORGEOUS!

  4. 34
    Amanda says:

    I love these cookies! Especially the sanded ones! How do you sand just the one color without getting the sand into the other color?

  5. 35
    Savanah says:

    I found a trick that I love for chevron print! I bought an ‘open ended’ chevron cookie cutter from Etsy and i stamp it across my cookie dough before i bake off the cookies and they come out with a built in stencil. Then just go over it with the icing and all done! Yours are too cute, love the sanding!

  6. 36
    Nancy Kuhlmann says:

    This is the exact color combo of a baby shower I’m going to be working on next month! I love chevron too!! :)


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