Hook ‘Em Horns {Texas Longhorns Cookies}

Today is the day.  THE DAY.  The one my husband looks forward to with more excitement and anticipation than Christmas.  The first game of the UT football season.  He’s been spewing stats for weeks.  I might qualify as an expert myself.  So, in honor of the day I lose TV control for most of the year, I decided to celebrate with what I do to keep myself busy while I’m TV-less.

These are about my all time favorite UT cookies.  I’d love to take credit for the design, but I got the idea from a Flickr friend, Laura, who may very well be the most Lonrghorn makin-est cookier I know!  She truly has the BEST ideas!

To make these you don’t need a special cutter.  Use and I love you handsign cutter and lop off the thumb.


Bake and cool and you are ready to decorate.  You will need:

  • Outline and piping icing in burnt orange
  • white piping icing

*Sidenote  Bernie and I have gone round and round about the proper burnt orange color.  Apparently, he BLEEDS this color {perhaps next time we have this convo, I’ll have him prove it}  It’s come to the point of him comparing my final color to licensed Longhorn apparel.  I say, if I am ever making cookies for Mack Brown, I might get really particular.  Until then, he will have to be satisfied with my mixture or tulip red, egg yolk yellow, and warm brown.  It’s fine…trust me.

To decorate, first outline and fill the cookie in burnt orange.

Let that dry, and then pipe on the details.  It may seem confusing, but if you take it in sections, it’s easy!  Start with the thumb, add the two middle fingers,

outline the rest, and you’re done!  Not too bad, right?

Just in time for game day!

Speaking of game day, I do have one sad cookie on my hands.  The Longhorn Sport’s Network that he was SOOOOOOOOO excited about is not available in our area {which surprises me zero considering that we are in Red Raider country}  Anyway, this means for the first time in years, my Longhorn lovin’ guy is going to miss the first game.  I have a feeling that I will find him later this evening listening via satellite radio in our car, if he isn’t already speeding toward Austin. Maybe I better go check on him, he’s been outside for an awful long time…

But seriously, these cookies are a crowd pleaser.  I’ve made more UT cookies than I can remember {note the different shades of burnt orange}, and almost all of them include this cookie!

Even baby showers

and Christmas cookies aren’t exempt!!!

If you are watching the game today, keep my poor dissapointed husband in your thoughts.

For all the fans of those other Texas teams, I will to make it up to you soon =)

Have a happy football watchin’, cookie decorating Saturday!