Christmas Cookie Wreath with Chapix Cookies {Guest Post}

Have you ever been so excited about something that you could barely contain yourself?  That’s how I feel about today’s guest.  One of my very first cookie idols, Myri, of Chapix Cookies is sharing her first online tutorial here, today, in MY space!

For years, I’ve dreamed of attending one of her classes, but until then, this is the next best thing.

Follow along as she demonstrates how to make her magnificent Christmas cookie wreath.

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Chapix Christmas Cookie Wreath
Cookie Supplies

Cookies (made with your favorite recipe):

  • 1 cookie ring base, approximately 8.5 inches (The size of the wreath can be as big as desired).
  • Holly leaves with berries and some others without berries
  • 1 medium star
  • 6 mini stars

Royal Icing:

  • Thick consistency in Electric Pink color.
  • Medium consistency in Leaf Green, Light Leaf Green, Egg Yellow, Warm Brown, Black and White. (The amount of Royal Icing will depend on the size of the cookies).
  • Thin consistency in Leaf Green

Other Supplies:

  • Dusting powders pink and blue
  • Black Edible pen fine point
  • Tips: #2, #3 round tip # 66 #67 leaf tip and PME #1 tip.
  • 7 Couplers
  • 7 Piping bags
  • 2 Fine paint brushes
  • Disco Dust: Hot pink and pastel green
  • Scribe tool
  • Accent Tweezers
  • Sprinkles: Snowflakes, black nonpareils, carrot, mini hearts
  • Edible black pearls 4mm
  • Gold dragees in three sizes: large, medium and mini.

Step 1: To create the base ring cookie, make a circle using a lid, bowl or pan. Diameter is approximately 8.5 inches . Cut a smaller 4 inch circle inside to form the base ring.

Outline with medium consistency in leaf green color using a #1 tip and flood with a thin consistency in leaf green color using #3 tip.

Chapix Cookie Wreath 1Step 2: Outline and flood the upper half of the holly leaves with Leaf Green royal icing, using tip #2 and medium consistency. Immediately sprinkle a small amount of disco dust in pastel green color with the scribe tool. Let it dry.

Make the berries using medium consistency Electric Pink royal icing, one at a time. Immediately sprinkle a small amount of disco dust in hot pink color with the scribe tool. Allow it to dry enough to keep decorating.

Chapix-Cookie-Wreath-2Step 3: Outline and flood the second half of the holly leaves with Light Leaf Green royal icing, use #2 tip and medium consistency. Let it dry.

Using PME #1 tip and medium consistency, pipe the swirls and dots. Decorate the ends with some mini golden dragees. Place a snowflake sprinkle between the berries and one more mini dragee in the center.

Chapix-Cookie-Wreath-3Step 4: To make Frosty, begin with a small star, outline and flood the surface with white Royal Icing in medium consistency. Immediately, place the carrot at the center of the star and use nonpareils for the eyes and mouth. When the surface is completely dry, blush the cheeks with pink dust. Blush the edges of the star slightly with blue dust. Draw eyebrows very carefully with the black edible pen.

Chapix-Cookie-Wreath-5-600x600Step 5:  To create the penguin cookie pipe a white heart at the center of the second star with Royal Icing at medium consistency. Immediately place two nonpareils as eyes and one heart as mouth. Let it dry. Pipe the rest of the cookie with black royal icing. Draw some eyelashes and eyebrows with the black edible pen. Pipe an extra white outline around the heart with a #1 tip.

Chapix Cookie Wreath Step SixStep 6: To make the reindeer cookie outline and flood the star with warm brown Royal Icing at medium consistency. Add two nonpareils as eyes. Let it dry. Then pipe a nose with the electric pink color using a PME #1 tip. Pipe the horns in white icing using a PME #1 tip. Decorate the ends with some mini golden dragees. Draw eyebrows, eyelashes and a smile on the cheeks with the black edible pen.

Chapix Cookie Wreath Step 7Step 7: To make the gingerbread cookie outline and flood a fourth small star using the same technique and color as the reindeer. Add two nonpareils as eyes and two mini white hearts as cheeks. Pipe zig-zag lines in each point using the PME #1 tip. Draw eyebrows and dots on the cheeks with the black edible pen.

Chapix Cookie Wreath 9Step 8: To make yellow stars, outline and flood using the same technique as the rest of the characters in yellow royal icing. Decorate piping filigree in white icing using a PME #1 tip. Glue some mini gold dragees to the filigree.

Chapix Cookie Wreath 10Step 9: To decorate the medium and small stars as a poinsettia, use a thick royal icing in electric pink color. Use a #67 leaf tip to decorate the medium star. Starting at the center of the star, pipe each petal squeezing gently and releasing on the outside. Repeat until the five petals are done. In the center of the biggest star, glue one large gold dragee with medium size dragees around of it. Decorate 3 mini stars with the same technique and a #66 leaf tip, glue gold mini dragees in the center.

Chapix-Cookie-Wreath Step 8Step 10: Now you are ready to assemble your wreath. Use Leaf Green royal icing to glue the larger leaves all over the cookie ring, placing the leaves with the berries pointing toward the center of the Christmas wreath.

Chapix Cookie Wreath 11Step 11: Make a second layer with the rest of the leaves (without berries) placing them in between the spaces of the previous layer, leaving enough space in the lower area to glue the medium poinsettia.

On a third layer, arrange and glue the remaining pieces and characters. Let the icing dry before moving the wreath.

Christmas-Cookie-Wreath-by-Chapix-CookiesNow you’re ready to share your cookie masterpiece with family and friends.  I hope you will visit my Facebook page, Chapix Cookies to keep up with my latest projects and upcoming classes.

Updated Blog BreakAward winning cookie decorator and instructor, Myriam Sanchez, of Chapix Cookies is a graphic designer from Mexico. She became a cookie artist for the love of her daughter and now teaches cookie decorating classes all over the world.

Myri, Chapix Cookies