Christmas Mistletoe Cookies with Klickitat Street {Guest Post}

If someone asked me to pick my favorite cookie decorator, I’d be hard pressed to choose.  But Sarah, the genius behind the cookies of Klickitat Street is definitely at the top of my list.  Every time I visit,  I see something I’d missed before.

Last year, Sarah made the most adorable set of Christmas belly cookies, including a miniature mistletoe that I’ve been thinking about all year!  I’m super excited because today she’s here to show us how she created it.  Enjoy!

Blog breakHi there, I’m Sarah and I blog over at Klickitat Street.  One of the best parts about cookie blogging is meeting all these cool people that are crazy for cookies too.   I’ve been loving all the Christmas cookie posts here at Sweet Sugarbelle this year and I have to throw a big virtual cookie hug out to Callye for asking me to be a part of it with my Christmas mistletoe cookies!

KlickitatStreet Mistletoe cookiesI’m sure there is still time to make these whimsical cookies for your Christmas party because they are so quick and easy.  Whip them up in a jiffy and get ready for some smooches!

KlickitatStreet butterfly cookie cutters To make the mistletoe cookies you don’t even need fancy Christmas cutters because they are cut with an ordinary butterfly cutter.  I like using common cookie cutters like these because they come in so many different styles and sizes.   You can make large cookies as the centerpiece of your cookie platter or little ones as accents to other designs.

KlickitatStreet mistletoe cookie supplies


To make these cookies you will need;

  • a butterfly cookie cutter – The one I used is made by Wilton and available at the bigger craft stores all year round..
  • piping and flood icing in bow colors
  • white flood icing for the polka dots
  • green piping icing for the stems and leaves
  • white piping icing or candy sugar pearls for the mistletoe berries


The butterfly cutter will work just as it is for a bow and a little sprig of mistletoe but if you would like a mistletoe ball then simply use a circle cookie cutter to cut around your butterfly shape.


So let’s get down to decorating;

  1. If you feel you need a guide to get your bow even then cut a template and trace the bow shape before you get going.  Pipe a large dot in the center for the bow and immediately add a couple white dots while the icing is still wet.  .
  2. Let the center knot set up for a couple minutes and then pipe the outline for the bow.
  3. Flood fill the bow and add dots while the icing is wet.  This is a whimsical design so the dots don’t have to be in any perfect pattern. Allow the bow to dry for a couple of hours before moving on.

KlickitatStreet mistletoe cookie tutorial 2When the bow has dried for a while pipe some lines for the mistletoe stems.

  1. While the stems are wet add the leaves by piping a little round blob and then pulling the icing back to the stem with the decorating tip.
  2. You certainly don’t have to use two different shades of green for the stems but I’ve been on a bit of a two-toned color kick lately.  I think the two colors add a little more dimension and interest to the cookies so if you are going to add a second color let the first one dry a bit before adding the second the same way as step 2
  3. While the leaves are still wet add sugar pearls for the mistletoe berries and don’t forget the little piece of stem above the bow.  If you decide to use white icing for berries instead of the sugar pearls then wait for the leaves to dry a bit before adding them in here and there.    Adding the mistletoe berries is also a great way to hide little boo-boos in the leaves.

KlickitatStreet various mistletoe cookiesThat’s all there is to it!  Whether you make them big or small the steps are all the same.

KlickitatStreet kissing Christmas cookiesI used the mistletoe cookies to accent some kissy Christmas Elf cookies.  Come visit me at my blog very soon to see how I made them!

Thanks so much for having me today Callye and Merry Christmas everyone!