Vintage Floral Bunny Cookies and a Free Printable Kopykake Template

Spring has finally made it to my corner of the world, and lately I’ve been finding it harder and harder to sit inside decorating with warm breezes and sunshine calling my name.  This time of year I find myself turning more and more to projects that require minimal decorating and color mixing.  This technique doesn’t require a lot of work or prep time, but they’re sure to impress.

Vintage Floral Bunny Cookies 2

To make these cookies I used the Nature’s Vignette pattern from Designer Stencils. It’s one of the best stencil purchases I’ve ever made.  When buying stencils, I often choose cake sides and tops so I can use one stencil for a variety of shapes and sizes.  It’s possible to use them “as is” but can get a bit messy. In order to work more quickly I often make a stencil mask to cover the open space and create a more customized shape.

To do this trace the shape of your cutter onto stencil paper {available at craft stores} and carefully cut out with an Exacto knife.

Vintage Floral Bunny Cookies 3

Tape the shield over the larger stencil with painter’s tape to avoid damaging the stencil when the mask is removed.

Vintage Floral Bunny Cookies 4Place the stencil over the cookie lining it up as closely as possible. Use an offset spatula carefully spread icing over the design.  I didn’t go into detail this time around but for more information on stenciling, click HERE.

Vintage Floral Bunny Cookies 5You may have a few messy edges, even with the mask.  This is no cause for alarm.  Use a toothpick or boo-boo stick to gently clean up any excess icing.

Vintage Floral Bunny Cookies 6Remember, it’s possible to use a larger stencil without making a mask.  The trick is to use thicker icing and to work slowly.


Vintage Floral Bunny Cookies 7

After stenciling let the design dry.  To create an antiqued look lightly brush over it with petal or luster dust.  Alternatively, you can use this “glazing” technique from The Barefoot Baker or cocoa powder.

Vintage Floral Bunny Cookies 8

If you own a Kopykake {and perhaps not a stencil} I have another method for you.  I made this set of cookies a few Easters back.

Vintage Floral Bunny Cookies 11

The pattern came from a card that I found in Target’s dollar bin *I think*.  Since it’s a classic pattern I figured I should share it with all my cookie friends.  It will work well for many different designs.  To print your copy, click HERE.

Printable Vintage Swirl Pattern

Print, trim, pop into your Kopykake and pipe away.  I like 20-second icing best.

Vintage Floral Bunny Cookies 9

Whatever option you choose these cookies are the perfect way to celebrate Easter without a lot of fuss.

Vintage Floral Bunny Cookies 1

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