Speckled Egg Cookies

*******UPDATED 3/23/2012:  You know how yoou sit around and think about something for a year or so, then suddenly it occurs to you that you might have been doing something the dumb hard way?  Well after stewing over it, I am thinking, it might be easier to suck a tiny bit of icing up with the tip of the squeeze bottle, a la medicine bottle style, rather than put it IN the bottle.  I haven’t tested it, but I was thinking it would work, so you might try that first.  Anyway, rewind to April 2011…
These cookies are a tale of lemons to lemonade.  They are simple but gorgeous and oh so easy to make!
Hopefully, if you have been at the cookie decorating game for a little while, you own a few of these.
I  personally possess of a SHAMEFUL amount of them.
Anyway, as you grow accustomed to using decorating bottles, one of the first things you will learn {probably in the most awful and infuriating way} is that when they start to run low on icing, it’s imperative to stop immediately and refill.
If you don’t, you will soon be in tears when the air filled bottle BURPS and mists your beautiful, PERFECT cookies with a fine spray of icing =(
The good news is, that my awful mistake once again led to a great idea for me to share with you.
This is the end result…
To make speckled egg cookies you will need:
  • a sheet pan covered with an old kitchen towel
  • flooded cookies that have completely dried
  • Wilton squeeze bottles {Wal-Mart or click on the photo above}
  • thin brown flood icing
  • a spatula
Be prepared when you begin this project.  It can and will get messy.  Give yourself plenty of room to work and relocate anything you don’t care to splatter with royal icing.
I suggest covering a table with a vinyl table cloth and working there.
To get started add 2-4 tablespoons of thinned icing to a squeeze bottle…I prefer the Wilton kind.
Hold the bottle upside down until the icing runs to the top, then turn it right side up for a second or two.
Quickly do a test squeeze onto the kitchen towel, and if it splatters and the spatter is not to thick, begin squeezing the bottle repeatedly to spray the cookies.
When the bottle is fuller, you will get a heavier, more widely spaced pattern.
Then, as the amount of icing in the bottle decreases, the pattern becomes finer and covers a larger surface area.
Keep repeating these steps until you achieve the level of coverage you want.
Let them dry overnight, and the next morning you have beautiful, perfect, speckled robin’s egg cookies.
For an even simpler project, try this technique on cookies made from colored dough.  It’s super easy but produces  breathtaking cookies.
Mix them with bunnies or birdies, and you have an elegant Easter display.?
If you don’t feel like making cookies, this would also work for other projects.  Try making egg shaped Rice Krispie treats and splattering them with melted candy coating.
The possibilities and combinations are endless, and these are so simple, anyone can do it.  Hope to see more of these popping up!
Tidy Mom

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