Splash Guard, West Texas Style

Do you know what this is?  I am not sure if this tip is smart or shameful, but it works for me, so I’ll share…

This is pretty much the “I live in the middle of nowhere” version of this…which also happens to cost about twenty-five dollars, BEFORE shipping!

The story of this contraption goes pretty much like this…
One evening while baking, I was talking on the phone with my friend Jenni {who happens to be very patient with the mixer running in the background}.  As usual, when I got to this point, I did that thing I tell everyone else NEVER to do…
Instead of adding the flour cup by cup, I dumped in the entire bowl.  Not long after that, Jenni got an earful of my most delightful fun words as I powdered my kitchen.

After explaining myself, her mom, Carol, who heard Jenni’s half of the exchange, suggested a little tip she’d picked up during her years in the kitchen.
Pretty nifty, huh! I just took one of the lids from my dollar store stacking bowls, and used regular old scissors to cut out a space for the beater.
At first, I guessed what size opening to cut by using a sewing tape to measure how far in the paddle rested from the edge of the bowl.  Then, I tried it out and adjusted it until it was perfect.
You do have to hold it down while you are mixing, but from start,

to finish, it REALLY does a GREAT job of preventing a mess.
After you’re finished, slip it off, pop it into the dishwasher, and you’re done!

Perfect dough, hardly any mess!

The best part is, this little set of bowls {pictured below} will only set you back about five dollars, which leaves you with three extra bowls and twenty dollars {more if you count shipping} to spend on the fun stuff like cutters and disco dust, and all that stuff that raises the husband’s eyebrows.
Like Carol, it’s a little unconventional, but it worked for her and it definitely works for me!  I hope it will work for you too!