Lalaloopsy Cookies with a Pumpkin Cutter

It’s no secret I am pretty pumped for fall.  Not only do I love the weather I’m pretty excited about these adorable cookies.  Honestly, Lalaloopsy dolls used to creep me out a little {maybe it’s the button eyes} but since I live with a Loopsy lover, they’ve started to grow on me.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Lalaloopsey, this is my favorite character, Crumbs Sugar Cookie.  Any guesses why I love her?

Now I bet you’re wondering what Lalaloopsie dolls have to do with fall, right?  Well nothing, really, except that when I broke into my pumpkin cutters I realized that they would be perfect for the cookie version.  For a girl that hates hand-cutting, this qualifies as a MAJOR epiphany.

Any pumpkin would work, but these two {I picked them up at Hobby Lobby} were my faves.  If you aren’t near a Hobby Lobby, try this set from Karen’s Cookies.

See?  Perfect!

Some of my cookie designs are pretty cut and dry but it’s a good idea to sketch out more complicated designs before picking up a piping bag.  I simply traced around the cutter then sketched in the details.

For my sanity, I didn’t take pictures of every step, but I have a few tips to help you along the way.   If you have a Kopykake, simply pop it in your projector.  If not, don’t fret, it’s still doable just use a food color marker to make a guideline to work by.  It’s a bit easier transferring a design from a picture to cookie with a starting point to refer back to.

When piping keep the sketch handy and simplify by taking it one section at a time.

Outline and fill the cookie, let it dry overnight, then add the final details.

If you’re looking to make Peanut or Splash try combining a circle cutter with a bone.  For Blossom, mini-flowers and a circle.  Or an upside-down skull would work well for characters like Flutters and Cinder Slippers.

As much as I love Lalaloopsy masterpieces, these days I don’t have it in me to make them.  I love the pumpkin version because they’re sure to impress with a lot less stress.

Do you have a Loopsy lover in your house?  Are you a Loopsy lover?  Which one is your fave?  I’m pretty fond of Specs myself.

Here are a few of my favorite Lalaloopsy sweets.  Be sure to check them out:

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!