Sparkly Birthdays and Cookbook Queens!

Do you know what today is?  It’s my friend Kristan’s birthday!  She’s pretty much amazing.  Besides being a  supermom, she is smart, cute,  AND funny while still managing to make delicious desserts, maintain TWO blogs and stay skinny.

I secretly have this theory she is a superhuman robot or something, but I’ll save that for another post…

Seriously though, I met Kristan last year as I worked on becoming a real life “blogger”.  From the beginning, I felt like I’d known her for years.  The weirdest thing is that after we got to know each other better, we realized we shared a mutual friend even though we grew up in two different states. Talk about a small world!

Anyway, Kristan has really enabled me over the last year.  She made me feel better about spending a large amount of time alone and getting irately mad at people who call you several times in a row EVEN if it isn’t an emergency (by the way, I highly recommend the pumpkin bread pudding).  She also made me look really smart when talking to my make-up savvy friend about eyeshadow palettes even though I don’t often stray far from Walmart when buying cosmetics.  And now, because of Kristan, I didn’t feel like such a parental failure after my three year-old daughter asked for a Nightmare before Christmas birthday party.  Apparently, there are LOTS of weird unique kids floating around in the good old US of A!

Since I’ve already made an actual Kristan cookie, I wanted to do something a little different this time around. I found the perfect idea at the same place I find lots of my ideas…TARGET!

It had make-up, a little sparkle, and making it into a cookie would be EASY PEASY, which is just the way Kristan likes it. No special cutters or hours of work here.  Just a few simple steps.

Start out by outlining and filling simple circle cookies in white.  You can also do fleshtone if you like.  Let them dry overnight before adding the details.

The next day you will need:

  • black piping icing with a #1 tip
  • pink 20-second icing
  • gray or white piping icing {or even black}
  • silver disco dust
  • pink lustre dust

Use the black icing to add eyelashes the white round.  Next, add lips.  I also added a beauty mark just because, but that’s optional.

After adding the facial features, add a crown.  I decided this suited Kristan much better than a bow.  It doesn’t make a difference what color you use because the silver disco dust will stick and make it appear silver regardless of what color is underneath.  I happened to have some gray leftover from another project so I used that.  If you need a few tips on piping a crown, click HERE.

While the crown is still wet, carefully sprinkle it with disco dust.

At this point, leave the cookies alone to dry for an hour or two.  At this point use lustre dust to create rosy cheeks.  For more info on this technique, click HERE.

After the cookies are dry, remove any excess disco dust from the cookie by tapping it onto waxed paper and brushing it off with a soft brush.

That’s all it takes to make these EASY PEASY, divalicious, Cookbook Queen cookies!

There are lots of other girls who also wanted to make Kristan’s birthday extra special.  Visit Georgeanne, Glory, Shelly, Giselle, Heather, and Darla for MORE queen worthy treats. Then head over to Confessions of a Cookbook Queen and tell her happy birthday and that you love her too {because she secretly loves a big fuss}!

Kristan, I’m so glad that the glamorous girl who’s always making me laugh IS MY REAL LIFE COMPUTER FRIEND!  I hope your boys take a beef jerky break and spend the whole day WEEK showering you with killer shoes and scented candles!