Pretty Pastel Popsicle Cookies

It’s HOT!  All weekend long we were baking out here in West Texas, and not in the way I like.  With temperatures soaring up to 103 degrees this past Saturday, we didn’t even venture outside until after six.  Of course, this made me think of popsicles, so I made these.

Even though I had to wait until about midnight to bake them, they were worth it.  All you need is a cowboy hat cookie cutter?
and skinny popsicle sticks.  I got these at Walmart.

First, I baked the popsicle cookies.  I made them by trimming the top from my cowboy hat cookie with a knife.
While they were cooling, I used heavy duty scissors to cut my skinny sticks in half.

Next I flipped my cookies, piped double lines of stiff royal icing onto the cookies, and used it to “glue” the sticks to each cookie.
You may wonder why I chose to do it this way rather than bake them into the cookie.  The reason is simple.  It’s easier than trying to insert two sticks into each cookie.
When you are ready to decorate, you will need twenty-second icing in your choice of colors.  I chose these, however you can use any combination depending on the occasion. For example, I’d go with red, white, and blue for Independence Day
To decorate pastel cookie pops, follow these steps:
Outline one side of the cookie,

then fill…

When the first half of each cookie is covered, let them dry for thirty minutes to an hour.

When the first side has had time to dry a bit, come back and fill the second side of the cookie.

Immediately, afterward, add a white accent mark to the wet icing.

When they are dry you will have an adorable cookie treat. 
These would be PERFECT for birthday parties, holidays, or just a summertime treat.
If you need a larger version of these, check out my friend Meaghan’s blog, The Decorated Cookie.  She made BIGGER cookie popsicles!
Keep your eyes peeled for cookie Bomb Pops, because I am definitely on a ROLL!