Making Roses on Cookies Part 1, {Easy Roses}

When I first began making cookies, I was very intimidated by piped flowers.  Particularly roses.  It took me a while to find a method that I liked.  Over time, I have found three that work for me, and I wanted to show them to you.

Since it’s a lot of information, I decided to break it into three parts.  I’m going to start with what I call easy roses.

These are the kind of roses I used for cookies like these.

And when I say easy, I mean easy.  To do this, tape a piece of wax paper to the bottom of cookie sheet.  I always use painters tape because it’s a lot easier to remove than any other type.
Then prepare your icing. You’ll need flood icing and piping icing.  I put a #1.5 tip on both.
To begin, I used the flood icing to make several “flower” shapes on the wax paper.  Then, I let them dry for about an hour.
After they dried for a bit, I used the piping icing with my #1.5 tip to add a “squiggly swirl” to the top.
After they dry, you can peel them off of the paper and store them in an airtight container to be used as needed.
Easy roses can also be added directly to a cookie if you don’t want to pipe them ahead of time, just follow the same steps.
This is the quickest easiest way I know of to get the look of a rose on a cookie.
Tomorrow, I’ll show you how I made these bridal bouquet cookies using this technique.
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