Peeking Bunny Cookies

Accidental successes reminded me of this little guy =) Isn’t he cute?

The funny part is, I didn’t plan him that way.  While making last year’s Easter cookies I ran into a little road block.  My cute little bunny was the outcome.
If you look closely at one of my platters from last year, you can see Mr. Bunny AND his twin brother the stand alone bunny.
When I found this cutter I was SOOOOOOOO excited, until I began using it.  It only took one batch of cookies for me to learn that if the ears did not break off while cutting, they would soon after being handled.
Baking didn’t help the situation.  If the ears didn’t snap when I removed them from the pan, it was a miracle.  I was very disappointed and desperately wanted to salvage my project.
What seemed like a fail quickly took a turn for the better.  Mini {and major} disasters often lead to some of my best ideas.
 In an attempt to maintain my sanity, and salvage my cool cutter, I came up with another plan using that same bunny and a scalloped square.
First, I cut out the square cookies.  Then using my bunny cutter, I lightly imprinted the dough so that I would have an clear outline to follow after baking.?  Remember to be gentle.  If you press too hard, it will separate too much during baking and leave a large gap.
 After they are baked, follow these steps…
 I added the ears while the white fill icing was still wet. This is referred to as wet-on-wet.
After letting the bunny dry for at least an hour or two, begin step two of the fill process.?
To get a dimensional effect on the bunny face, you must work in steps, giving each addition twenty or so minutes to dry.
 When the cookie is completely dry, add the final details.  I outlined the bunny, and added the eyes nose and whiskers.
Round cookies also work beautifully. This time I added sanding sugar.  I thought they were especially pretty like this.
Imprinting cookie dough will work for almost any design.  It is another way to get the effect of a KopyKake projector without the investment, and also to salvage those cute but impractical cutters.?
Try it!?