Bright Lights, Big Color

That’s the name of my friend Landa’s blog.  Or I should actually say, that’s the name of one of her blogs.  In addition that, she also manages a house full of boys, a Flickr group, and one big ol’ dog, Sascha, who is the only other girl in the house, PLUS bakes for her friends and family!

Landa is a cookie girl, or at least that’s how I met her.  However, as I got to know her a little better, I realized that a better way to describe her would be NAIL POLISH lover slash baker, in that order.
Her love of color is contagious.  She has over 500 colors of polish and her collection is growing. It sort of reminds me of someone’s cookie cutter collection *ahem* although, Landa has one of those too, LOL.

Even if you only have mangled nubs in the place where your nails should be *hanging head in shame* the daily color parade on her nail blog is addictive.

One day, in the midst of this little 3-D cookie kick I am on, I was reading her blog and IT HIT ME…  I don’t know why I didn’t think of this before…

The perfect cookie for my friend!

They even have a special LB logo =)  I’m thinking they would be the perfect favor for her big birthday bash next year.  The wheels in my head are already turning!

And don’t forget, as I mentioned before, Landa is also a cookie gal.  These are the cookies that began a friendship.  Aren’t they AMAZING?!  I have been looking at them for almost two years and they still blow my mind!  She really hit the jackpot with this design!

The good news is, there are more of these where this came from.  You can visit her nail blog, Bright Lights, Big Color, her baking blog, Baking With Landa, like her Facebook page, Royal Icing Sweets, OR dig through all of her baking on her Flickr photostream!

For the record, Landa also does cakes and cupcakes, even though she won’t often SHOW US, but we are working on that, right, Landa? 😉

Really though, I hope you like them, L.  I was so very excited when I thought of this idea, and it only took me two years =)   Thank you for teaching me, inspiring me, and being my friend ?