Einstein Was Crazy, Right?

For those of you who think I am organized, or have that I have all my ducks in a row, I LOVE YOU, but its not true =(

The real Callye is always behind. I am one of those gals who gets caught up in a vision, makes a huge mess and cleans it up Bernie cleans it up later.

I never sit down, and I am always doing at least ten things at once, which is strange since I don’t believe in multi-tasking.

Oh yes, and I also procrastinate in THE WORST WAY. Even on the days that I don’t, I overestimate myself and schedule 28 hours worth of work in a ten hour time span, without accounting for kids, dinner, life, small disasters…you get the point.

Mix all that in with a touch of impatience, and I guess I can be a little overwhelming, especially for the people who have to be around me.

Those in close contact with me might even call these traits annoying. Especially when I lose my keys for the gazillion-th time {right BC?} or I’m running out the door at 8:00am to get to the 8:00am appointment, much to the dismay of my poor, prompt, punctual, prepared hubby{yes, he’s ALL those “P’s” ALL the time}

Still, I hate to use the word ANNOYING.  It sounds so mean.  Its a big part of ME, and I can’t change it. It’s just my brain, and from all this insanity comes my best epiphanies and ideas.

It happened to me last night.

Mid-baking, I decided that my vision WOULD NOT work without a folk heart.

*Insert eccentric/annoying quality #2, inflexibility when I get an idea*

So, I stop what I’m doing and go digging in my heart box for a folk heart, which should definitely be part of my 1000+ collection, right?


You’d think, but NO…
After rushing back to the oven to rescue the cookies I’d abandoned, *oops* I sat down to order myself a folk heart cutter. It was a done deal until I realized it would cost six dollars minimum to ship a one dollar cutter to my house. DILEMMA
I thought about it as I wandered around looking for my permanently misplaced wallet. By the time I found it, I’d changed my mind. Back to the heart box.
I dug around again looking for something, ANYTHING that would work. …Then it hit me! I could bend one of the many heart cutters into a folk heart!!!



And now you see why I’m okay with repeat cutters.
It worked!
So well in fact, I thought I’d tell you about it.



In the name of blogging, I quickly gathered up a few things to make a pictorial of my adventure.
I assembled the newly constructed cutters and my box o’ hearts at picture taking spot, dumped them out, spread them around and took the coolest picture {see above}
Then, as I put the cutters away {which is out of character for me according to Bern-Dogg} I found this…



Okay, so maybe ANNOYING is the word…