My Cookie Cutter Collection and Two Creative Rudolph Cookies

I have a problem.  Those who know me have seen it up close and personal.  I am a hoarder.  A cookie cutter hoarder!

I get lots of questions about where I get my cutters.  Sometimes I remember, sometimes I don’t.  I get them for gifts, I order them, I have people bring them to me when they travel to foreign countries, sometimes I make them, sometimes I bend the ones I have…

Bern dogg and I tried to count them once.  We gave up after the 900’s.

Not to long ago, I had a gal get REALLY irritated with me when I could not tell her where I purchased  a certain cutter.  Instead of trying to explain, I’ll just post a picture.  It’s worth a thousand words, or in this case, a thousand plus cutters!  So, please don’t be mean to me if I say I don’t know.  I am not fibbing…I REALLY DON’T KNOW!!!

This doesn’t include the 41 new cutters I got for Christmas, the other full basket in dining room that I have been using recently, or the others I plan on ordering from Karen’s cookies with my Christmas gift cards in the next few days!  I know it’s excessive, but it’s my thing.  Some girls do shoes or nail polish,
*ahem, you KNOW who you are ;)*
I do cutters.  And, I like to enable others with my affliction…makes me forget I’m nuts!
*right ,Bea?*

 As for cutter shapes.  Lots of them I do remember.  Especially recent ones.  I had several people ask me about my reindeer this year.

 I just wasn’t really digging this guy as a leaping reindeer…

So, I bent him a little to give him a wider neck, and turned him around, and he became a new man, which I like,  A LOT!

I also made another reindeer.  Don’t give me credit for creativity…it was desperation.  I have about 200 mini cutters at least, and my cute Rudolph was in the mini box. It was late, and I was tired, so I looked at the cutters I was using, and I improvised.  It took a few seconds more to trim them, but digging though the minis could EASILY take twenty minutes, so this is what I did…

From that, came these. 
So, moral of the story?  NEVER JUDGE A COOKIE CUTTER BY ITS SHAPE,  It can be any thing you imagine! And, no matter what your husband {or wife} says, YOU CAN NEVER HAVE TO MANY COOKIE CUTTERS!!!
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Hope everyone has a happy Monday. Back to work for us all!
Were we even off???