JOY Snowman Cookie {Day 9}

One of my favorite memories from my school days is a game my third grade teacher used to have us play called squiggles. The way it worked is that she would hand out a white worksheet with nothing on it but a black squiggly line. She then set a timer and we had a few minutes to make the design into a picture. I LOVED this game. I liked it so much that I would even play it at home by myself for hours. It was so stimulating to me to turn random scribbles into cheerleaders, flowers, bumblebees, and any other thing my mind came up with that day.

I guess this “hobby” carried into my adult life, because I often find myself gazing at random objects and transforming them into something else in my mind. My new favorite things to transform are my cookie cutters. It is kind of a challenge to me. So, for the next three days, I will be using the one cookie cutter to make three completely different designs. I thought about telling you which cutter it was, but I think it would be more fun to guess!


Day 9