Gingerbread House of Cards with The Cookie Architect and Friends

Gingerbread House of Cards by The Cookie Architect and Friends

Ever wonder what would happen if a real-life architect took up cookie decorating?  Well, the obvious, of course!  She'd build things.  Cookie things. When Rebecca, AKA the Cookie Architect first approached me with this project I was more than a little nervous.  I don't do well under pressure and I get especially stressed in situations where there's only one shot to get it right.  In other words I could never work for NASA.  In any case, I … [Read more...]

My Special Gift From Renee

My Perfect Gift

Look at this sweet little gift I got in the mail the other day.  My friend Renee painted it.  Isn't it AWESOME?  Of course, I might be a little biased... Once upon a time, I myself dreamed of becoming an artist... Only if I had, I would have been the starving kind.  I LOVE to paint, but this is the ONLY picture I've ever produced. Aside from giving away my age, it's  unfinished.  *Sigh* If you only knew HOW LONG I worked on it!  I took … [Read more...]

National Sugar Cookie Day 2011

Maryln B

I meant to post this on the July 9th, which was really National Sugar Cookie Day but yesterday got away from me.  One of my favorite things about this whole adventure is sharing something I truly love with people who share the same passion.  Before Flickr and blogging,  I had pretty limited contact with other cookie people. I've been known on more than one occasion to "ambush" unsuspecting house guests, laptop in hand, ready to showcase my … [Read more...]