Flowery Alphabet Cookies

Floral Letter Cookie

I'm doing a little *late* spring cleaning around here, so over the next few weeks I'll be sharing a few cookies that I never got around to posting.  That means even though the whole Lorax craze has come and gone you'll still get the pleasure of seeing my interpretation of the furry little guy.  But not today.  Today I'm in a flowery mood. To make these cookies, I dressed up a simple candy corn cookie with a tiny little flower.  This idea will … [Read more...]

Pretty Marigold Cookies

Marigold Cookies

This year instead of buying flowers from the nursery, the littles and I thought it would be fun to grow them from seed.  It's been really exciting for all of us to watch them grow.  All of the flowers are doing well, but none so much as the marigolds.  They aren't quite ready to bloom, but while we are waiting I thought it might be fun to create a cookie version. These are seriously the easiest cookies you will ever make.  This may be the … [Read more...]

Sweet Bumblebee Cookies

Ladybirds and Bee Cookies

Sometimes certain cutters can be kind of tricky.  Especially when you're working from the side view.  Here's a few tips on simplifying bumblebee cookies. First of all, I used a side view bumblebee cutter, which you can find HERE.  I would definitely recommend picking these up because I use all of them often. To make bee cookies you will need: yellow piping and flood icing black piping and flood icing white piping and flood … [Read more...]