Mexican Fiesta Cookie Border for Cinco de Mayo

Fiesta Border Cookie Ole

Cinco de Mayo is usually a weekend filled with margaritas, tacos, and fiestas, but did you know that Cinco de Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day?  I didn't until a few years ago when I Googled it for a blog post.  I could give you the whole long story but since most of you are probably looking forward to a relaxing weekend, I'll save you the history lesson and get straight to the cookies. Begin with a large oval shaped cookie.  If you … [Read more...]

Cinco De Mayo Round-Up

Cinco De Mayo Cookies

Since I got into the cookie thing I've been a little obsessed.  So much so, that anytime I had company I would find a way to direct the conversation toward cookies.  Next thing my poor unsuspecting guest knew they were looking at photo after photo of decorated cookies on my laptop. The great things about blogging, is I don't have to do that anymore. Almost everyone who comes here does so willingly because they want to look at cookies. So, … [Read more...]

Chips and Salsa Cookies {Tutorial}

Cinco de Mayo is kind of a big deal where I'm from.   There are all kinds of events in all of the surrounding communities to celebrate.  There are festivals, music, and my favorite, Mexican food! I decided to celebrate cookie style.  I've posted these cookies before, without instructions and received several inquiries about how I made them curved. So, I thought I'd show y'all before the big day! Since I knew I would be making these more … [Read more...]