Cinco De Mayo Round-Up

Since I got into the cookie thing I’ve been a little obsessed.  So much so, that anytime I had company I would find a way to direct the conversation toward cookies.  Next thing my poor unsuspecting guest knew they were looking at photo after photo of decorated cookies on my laptop.
The great things about blogging, is I don’t have to do that anymore. Almost everyone who comes here does so willingly because they want to look at cookies.
So, thank you for fulfilling my need to share AMAZING cookies with the world.  Here are my Cinco de Mayo picks.  Enjoy!
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I have to say that these are my favorite CDM {totally made up that abbreviation} cookies of all time.   Oh, Sugar Events pretty much blew my cookie mind.  I don’t even know where to begin.  The paper banners and calendar cookie?  Genius!
The second set of cookies are a close second…my friend Kim made these.  The best part is, aside from being an amazing cookie artisan, Kim is also a party planner and blogger. She just started a blog called The Partiologist and it’s so much fun!
My friend Bonnie made these, and I love them all!  The flag is incredible, not to mention the piñatas…and I love how she changed up the tired old chile cookie by making it double!
I love the bright beautiful colors of this set by Bee’s Knees Creatives.  The best part is, they ship!
As for these…no words.  They were made by Galletas Divertidas.

I’ve been smitten with this sun cookie since the day I saw it.  It’s creator was another one of my talented Flickr pals, Susan.  This is just one of many.  She has a jaw dropping portfolio on Flickr and she uses glaze!

These creative little cones from Haniela’s STILL make me smile.   She’s got a how-to along with SEVERAL more breathtaking photos on her blog, so be sure to check them out.
Now to monopolize for a moment with my cookie idol, Maryann.  I’m thinking Maryann’s years in El Paso influenced her cookies just a bit.  She has the BEST collection of Mexican/Fiesta/Southwestern cookies!  The bad news is, she doesn’t blog because she devotes 100% of her time to her daughter, but she does answer questions {time permitting} and there’s more to oogle on her Flickr photostream.
I mentioned The Partiologist earlier in this post.  The good news is she doesn’t stop at dress cookies.  Here are a few more of her fiesta worthy cookie creations.

These little beauties were made by my friend Beka, of Sugar Sanctuary.  You can see more of her work by “liking” her Facebook fan page!  I love the happy little cacti and the flames on the tips of the chilies!

I love this set from Lone Stars and Stripes.  What a wonderful photo to boot.
These sombreros by Caryn’s Cakes are some of the best I have EVER seen!  They are even shaded!  I also love the crossed maracas and the curvy cactus.
These gorgeous cookies are from Sweetopia’s first blog post.  Aren’t they wonderful?

This Cinco de Mayo collection from A Dozen Eggs Bake Shoppe is perfect in every way.

You can purchase Laura and Dave’s  custom cookies {HERE}.  And I can say from experience, they are SOOOOOOOO good!
And finally, here are a few Cinco de Mayo cookies from yours truly!  Import beer, of course…
Citrus and sombreros…
And even more Mexican alcoholic beverages.  No wonder everyone likes this holiday!
I hope everyone has an enjoyable Cinco de Mayo.  As for me, I will be moving right along.  What a crazy week!  Teacher appreciation, Cinco de Mayo, Mother’s day, and I think that the Kentucky Derby is sometime this weekend also.
Thanks for letting me share my obsession!