Cookie Quickie: Cute Ladybug Cookies

Cute Ladybug Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle

With summer in full swing, I'm probably not the only one who's a little short on time.  So, I decided it's the perfect time to try out something new, a "Cookie Quickie." "Cookie Quickies" are the same tutorials you're used to, minus a bunch of photos. I'm not one-hundred percent sure how well this will go, but I thought it was worth a try. Anywho, here goes. Once upon a time, I would have told you there's no such thing as too many cookie … [Read more...]

Decorated Ladybug Cookies

Ladybird Cookies

Over the years, I've decorated more ladybug cookies than I can count.  To keep things fresh, I like to experiment with new colors and designs.   This is the latest batch to come out of my kitchen. These little ladies are unbelievably simple to make.  I created both versions with an egg and small circle cutter. To make the first version, cut the bottom from the egg and gently position the circle into a pre-cut notch. Version two, which … [Read more...]

Accenting Cookies with Stamps and Airbrushing {Guest Post}

Stamped Bee Cookies

Until recently, decorated cookies were often limited to basic royal icing, fondant, or glaze.  Fortunately, in the last few years there has been an explosion of techniques that add detail and dimension to a cookie design .  Follow along as one of my favorite decorators, Christine Shen, of Sugar Cravings, demonstrates how she uses stamps and airbrushing to add another layer of detail to her beautiful cookie designs. Hi Everyone!  I'm Christine … [Read more...]

Silly Spider and Bat Cookies

Silly Spider Cookie_Sweetsugarbelle

Usually, Halloween cookies are some of my favorite to make but this year I was a little short on inspiration.  Then I saw these adorable spider cookies by SugarNosh Treats and suddenly an idea I'd been toying with fell into place. I made every cookie on this platter with the cutters below.  The baby rattles can be purchased here and here, the bat was a Target find, and the "MOM" cutter is a Wilton model that sat untouched in a bin for two … [Read more...]

Creating an Invisible Outline with Royal Icing

Invisible Outline with Royal Icing_4

Cookie decorating is more than a hobby, it's an art.  With time and practice we develop a style and technique all our own.  After four years of practice some of my "techniques" are so ingrained that they're habit. One particular technique that seems to interest people is creating a invisible royal icing outline.  I've done it for so long that I didn't even notice until a friend pointed it out. This is what gives my cookies that seamless … [Read more...]

Sweet Bumblebee Cookies

Ladybirds and Bee Cookies

Sometimes certain cutters can be kind of tricky.  Especially when you're working from the side view.  Here's a few tips on simplifying bumblebee cookies. First of all, I used a side view bumblebee cutter, which you can find HERE.  I would definitely recommend picking these up because I use all of them often. To make bee cookies you will need: yellow piping and flood icing black piping and flood icing white piping and flood … [Read more...]

Easy Ladybug Cookies

Ladybug Cookies

Ladybug cookies seem to be the cookies that never go out of style.  They are simple but striking.  Thee are many ladybug cookie cutters on the market such as THIS ONE and THIS ONE, but my favorite cutter to used for these is actually a BALLOON COOKIE CUTTER.  The tail adds a little extra room for antennae, and something about antennae really up the cute factor of ladybug cookies. These cookies are so simple to make that you might just cry.  … [Read more...]

Once Upon a…BABY!


I recently had the pleasure of participating in the "Once Upon a Time"cookie project with a very talented group of fellow cookie obsessed ladies. I love being involved with other girls who feel like I do about cookies.  Besides giving me a place to point fingers when my husband calls me crazy, these ladies also teach, encourage and inspire me.  Everytime I look at their work I think of 1001 more cookies I'd like to make. For my theme I … [Read more...]

Adding Sanding Sugar to Cookies

Pink Ladybug Cookies

A new year puts me in the mood for cleaning and organizing.  I've just about finished the house, so now it's on to the computer.  I've had this post saved for MONTHS but just never published it.  Why?  Because the pictures suck.  Not one of my brightest ideas to use clear sugar to demonstrate adding sanding sugar to a cookie but I have those moments sometimes.  I blame the kids. Anyway, I guess I have a thing for sanding sugar.  It's an easy … [Read more...]