Easter Coloring Book Cookies with Munchkin Munchies {Guest Post}

Are you on the lookout for a kid-friendly Easter cookie idea?  Then you’ve come to the right place!  Today my sweet cookie friend Sue, is sharing adorable Easter coloring book cookies.
Sue, the genius behind Munchkin Munchies, specializes in sweet treats for kids and adults too!  Be sure to check out her blog and follow her Facebook page to keep up with her latest creations!
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Hi Sugarbelle fans!  My name is Sue and I blog over at Munchkin Munchies.  I am beyond thrilled today to be guest posting for Callye so that she can spend extra time with her family and bond with her new baby girl. Did you know that she and Lilaloa had their baby girls on the same day?!?  Now that’s what I call a cookie connection!
Did I tell you how happy I am to be here?!?
I made these cookies with my eight (soon to be nine) little munchkins (grandchildren) in mind.  They are super simple and I had a ball making them!
Similar cookies are made with black royal icing applied on wet, white royal icing to produce the image. This version is done by using a black food marker (no black royal icing to deal with!) to draw on dry, white royal icing. I wasn’t kidding when I told you it was super simple! You hardly even need directions:)
Drawing on these cookies was very enjoyable, and coloring them was so fun, that I had to stop myself at four, for example cookies. You can bet I will be making these cookies again!
Coloring Book Cookies
Food markers (I used FooDoodlers because I like the chunkier size for little hands)
1.  Make cookies according to recipe.
2.  Let cookies cool completely.
3.  Outline cookies with royal icing.
4.  Fill cookies with royal icing.
5.  Let cookies dry completely, overnight.
6.  Using a black edible marker, draw images.
7. Color the images using the food markers (make sure the black design is “dry” first, so it won’t smear.)
Have Fun!
Callye, Congratulations on your newest, sweet bundle of joy, and thanks so much for your support and friendship! Hugs, love and best wishes to you and your family! XO

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